Power your go-to-market with Magic Playbooks

Connect your Product-Led Sales strategy with data. Build, test, and run your sales playbooks to hit your revenue goals faster.

Surface high priority leads with Inbox

Constantly digging through lists of leads looking for the needle in the haystack can be time consuming for reps. Skip the endless search and go straight to your Inbox every morning to see a fresh list of your top priority opportunity. Plus, see exactly what play they qualify for and what action to take next - no guesswork.

Go from insights to action with one click

Ever downloaded a CSV from your internal BI tools and manually uploaded it to Outreach or Hubspot? Never again. Go directly from insights to action with a single click. When you’ve actioned an opportunity mark it as done to get to inbox zero.

Connect the dots between strategy and data in Playbooks

Save RevOps hours manually stitching together Product-Led Sales playbooks across various tools and docs. Run experiments, operationalize what works, and measure impact all in one end-to-end workflow.

Track progress on your Product-Led Sales Goals

How do you measure impact without goals? Track progress towards your PLS goals and see what plays are converting the best. Use this data to make adjust strategy, experiment with new plays, or coach your teams on new tactics.

Making Magic with Playbooks

The easiest way to activate your Product-Led Sales motion.
Pick a PLS Goal
Choose a distinct goal for each playbook so you can carefully track your progress.
Choose customers to target with this playbook
Route the right segment of customers into each playbook.
Decide what team is responsible
Choose the team that should be following up with leads generated in this playbook.
Define plays for your team
Plays are triggers that qualify a particular lead or account for follow up action.

What our customers say...

50% percent of our incremental sales revenue comes from our PQL leads. With Pocus, we’ve been able to reliably uncover high priority sign ups faster. These sales-assist leads convert 10% higher with a 32% higher ACV  because our team is able to reach out at the right time.
Giancarlo Gialle
Head of Sales and Success, OpenPhone
I can log into Pocus and see a holistic picture of our users and insights about their product usage with a few clicks. It’s a game-changer having access to data that was previously locked in the data warehouse.
Casey Bertenthal
Head of Sales, Linear

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