Cut through the noise and accelerate revenue.

Surface top opportunities and make it easier for your GTM teams to take quick action.


Get actionable insights delivered straight to your inbox.


Prioritized to-do lists.

Spend less time digging through data and more time prospecting. GTM teams never have to guess where to spend their time, Pocus gives them a prioritized Inbox.


Intent signals

Pocus surfaces scores to take the guesswork out of which opportunities are ripe for conversion, upgrade, or expansion.


Action the best opportunities in one click.

With Pocus, you can send opportunities to Salesforce, add to Outreach sequences, send custom emails, and more.


Analyze 1000s of accounts with a few clicks.

No-code queries

Encourage reps to explore data on their own terms (no engineers required).

A clearer view of your book of business.

Create views based on product usage metrics, scores, CRM data, and any other sources you bring into Pocus.

Do research in seconds.

Use search to get quick insights about an account or user before your meeting.


Put research on easy mode.

Study what's trending.

Study customer trends and get a clear visual of historical data to improve every customer interaction.

Skip complex coding.

Use our drag and drop editor to create the perfect view of all insights on a user, account, or any other object.

Track progress over time.

Easily visualize time-based comparisons such as percentage increase over last week, last month, or last year.


Want to see behind the magic curtain? We’ve got answers to your most pressing questions about Pocus.

Does Pocus replace Salesforce for my reps?

No, Pocus works alongside Salesforce. Where your reps work is totally up to you! Our customers can either push insights from Pocus to power rep workflows in Salesforce, have reps login to use the Pocus Inbox everyday, or some combination of both. Our tight integration with Salesforce means you can have the best of both worlds.

What tools can my reps take actions in?

There is a near limitless universe of actions your reps can take powered by our integrations. The most common actions reps take from the Inbox are adding to an automated sequence in Outreach, crafting a custom email, opening or updating their CRM, and adding to a marketing sequence.

Do I need engineering to customize dashboards?

Every go-to-market motion looks different, which is why everything is customizable in Pocus without code. You can easily drag and drop to create new dashboard views, use powerful filters to build lists of customers, and even experiment with new scoring models.

See the magic for yourself.

Watch how Pocus makes it easy to drive conversion, retention, and optimization.