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Turn product data into revenue

Pocus is a Product-Led Sales platform that helps go-to-market teams use data to improve customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion - without relying on engineers.
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Product-Led Sales (PLS) is the future happening now.
Product-Led Sales (PLS) is the future happening now.

Product-Led Sales (PLS) is the future happening now.

Say goodbye to flying blind and endless cold outreach. PLS is a data-driven approach for the modern sales team. Leverage your existing users as the primary funnel for sales, marketing, and the entire GTM team.  
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Sales teams are manually reconciling two sources of truth

Product-led companies spend months cobbling together DIY solutions to bring together product and CRM data to drive insights for their go-to-market teams.

Go from insights to action

Pocus’ no-code interface let’s go-to-market teams access and action product usage data without engineers.
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Convert more free trial users
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Reach out to the right buyers at the right time
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Save time sifting through data
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Find “needle in the haystack” opportunities
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Get the first volume of the Product-Led Sales playbook. This playbook isn't theory, it's written by experts who built PLS from zero to one at companies like Zapier, Slack, Airtable, Atlassian, Dropbox, Clockwise, and more.
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prioritize the best opportunities

Like pulling the perfect lead out of a hat.

Segment, filter, and sort your users based on product usage and customer fit. Surface the highest value opportunities prioritized for you in a customizable view.
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Magically alert your team when things change.

New prospect hits a usage trigger? Voila! Your sales rep is notified so they can act quickly and with the right message.

No engineering support needed.

Test hypotheses for Product-Qualified Leads and sales playbooks without relying on scarce data and engineering resources. Build, test, & iterate the perfect Product-Led Sales motion for your teams. 
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Our commitment

Your user data is safe.

  • SOC 2 Type II compliant
  • Immutable audit log for all data access
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance out of the box (because of automatic data deletion)

Top GTM teams 💜 Pocus

I can log into Pocus and see a holistic picture of our users and insights about their product usage with a few clicks. It’s a game-changer having access to data that was previously locked in the data warehouse. 
Casey Bertenthal
Head of Sales
Pocus is our early warning system for PQLs - we uncovered 15 new PQLs in the first 2 weeks. Pocus also enables us to create extremely fluid & intelligent scoring models without hours of coding or writing SQL queries. 
Francois-Oliver Grisel
VP of Growth
Pocus is always a tab I keep open. Before I have a demo, I open the account in Pocus to make sure I personalize my demo. I look at the features that customers are and are not using to inform where I want to guide the conversation.
Michael Perekupka
Senior Solutions Engineer
Our sales and client success teams both use Pocus to identify opportunities for new and existing customers. An AE found two of his biggest opportunities within the first 12 minutes on Pocus. The client success team uses Pocus to mitigate churn and find expansion and upsell opportunities.
Jim Norton
Pocus has unlocked a goldmine of product usage insights for the go-to-market team. SDRs can prospect more proactively, account executives can easily research their customers, and everyone can experiment with data without relying on engineers.
Melissa Ross
Head of PLS

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