Turn your best users into high value customers

The first Product-Led Sales platform that empowers sales teams to prioritize the best opportunities and take the right action, without engineering support.
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Product-led sales (PLS) is the future happening now.
Product-led sales (PLS) is the future happening now.

Product-led sales (PLS) is the future happening now.

Say goodbye to flying blind and endless cold outreach. PLS is a data-driven approach for the modern sales team. Leverage your self-serve users as the primary funnel for sales.  
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Sales teams are manually reconciling two sources of truth

Product-led companies spend months cobbling together DIY solutions to bring together product and CRM data to drive insights for sales teams.

Product-Led Sales teams agree: DIY is awful.

Sales teams waste time digging through various tools & hacking together solutions rather than talking to customers.
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Looking at just customer data is not enough. You must look at customer AND product engagement data together to pursue the right customers at the right time.
Aaron Geller
Aaron Geller
Head of Sales
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Product, customer, and marketing data points are necessary for PLG but they often live in silos. Breaking down those silos so our sales team can leverage data effectively is one of my biggest operational challenges at the moment.
Karishma Rajaratnam
Karishma Rajaratnam
Growth Marketing
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We are constantly trying to experiment with metrics that help us learn more about users. We need a faster way to bring together data and test these signals.
Steeve Vakeeswaran
Steeve Vakeeswaran
Product-Led Sales
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Giving sales teams access to product usage data about self-serve users is like giving sales teams superpowers. But, the hard part is surfacing data in an effective way.
Daniel Levine
Daniel Levine
Product Manager
Ditch the diy

Pocus is the first platform purpose-built for your Product-Led Sales funnel.

Not just lead scores, real insights.
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easy to drag & drop
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configure the perfect view
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How it works
Point Pocus at your data sources and let us do the hard work. We'll combine product and CRM data into a single view.
Pick the signals (PQLs, churn, usage) that matter to your business. Get as granular as you want—not just leads and accounts but any custom object.
Understand what leads to go after and why. Help reps prioritize their efforts with insights tailored to your business.
Action data within your sales reps' existing workflow— get Slack alerts, launch outreach sequences, update a Salesforce field and more.
turn product data into revenue
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Convert more free trial users
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Reach out to the right buyers at the right time
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Save time sifting through data
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Find “needle in the haystack” opportunities
prioritize the best opportunities

Like pulling the perfect lead out of a hat.

Connect your data in a few clicks to unlock the magic. Find the highest value opportunities prioritized in a customizable view.
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Fits your existing workflow

Instant insights at your fingertips, so you can act fast.

New prospect hits a certain usage benchmark? Voila! Your sales rep is notified so they can act quickly and with the right message.
Self-serve experimentation

No ongoing engineering
support needed.

Experiment with signals like Product-Qualified Leads without relying on scarce data and engineering resources. Build, test, & iterate on your own terms.
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Our commitment

Your user data is safe.

  • No PII stored by Pocus
  • Immutable audit log for all data access
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance out of the box (because of automatic data deletion)
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