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Pocus is a Product-Led Sales platform that gives go-to-market teams access to product usage data...without relying on engineers.
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Product-Led Sales (PLS) is the future
Say goodbye to blind and unfocused cold outreach. PLS is a data-driven approach for the modern sales team. Leverage your existing users as the primary funnel for sales, customer success, and the entire go-to-market team.
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Sales teams are manually reconciling two sources of truth

Product-led companies spend months cobbling together DIY solutions to bring together product and CRM data to drive insights for sales teams.
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Get the first volume of the Product-Led Sales playbook. This playbook isn't theory, it's written by experts who built PLS from zero to one at companies like Zapier, Slack, Airtable, Atlassian, Dropbox, Clockwise, and more.
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THE Solution

360° insights. Faster actions.

Equip go-to-market teams with product usage insights to power prospecting, expansion, success, and everything in between.

Hot leads 🔥

Delivered directly to your sales reps
  • Prioritized inbox of top leads based on product usage and customer fit insights
  • Alerts when leads hit major milestones or pass usage thresholds
  • Automations to take action on insights without opening a new tab

Real-time visibility 🔮

Into your top named account's
  • Get insights about your book of business
  • Drilldown into your accounts' power users and decision-makers
  • Auto-generate slide decks for your next QBR

Run playbooks 📚

based on 360° customer insights
  • Stay on top of customer health with fully customizable scoring
  • Minimize risk by automating alerts for upcoming renewals, churn risk, and expansion opportunities
  • Run QBRs more effectively with product usage data at your fingertips

Build perfect pipelines 🛠

and process for revenue teams
  • Build transparent and fluid scoring models without code (no black box)
  • Connect product and customer data easily without data cleanup
  • Plug and play integrations to your existing tools (no hacks required)
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Like seeing into the future

Unlock product usage data trapped across tools to reveal insights about your highest-priority customers. Find high-intent trial users, workspaces ready to upgrade, accounts at risk of churn, and more.

Engage with your best opportunities proactively.

Get the best leads delivered  proactively, like pulling the perfect lead out of a hat. No more digging through various tools trying to analyze chart and graphs.

Build, run, and measure the impact of PQL playbooks

Build playbooks for your team to hit their Product-Led Sales goals. Surface qualified leads or accounts to your team with clear actions. Measure the impact of leads actioned to improve your conversion goals over time.
Enterprise ready

Designed for enterprise complexity. Built for simplicity.

Why sacrifice power for ease of use (when you can have both)? Pocus makes it easy to get started quickly, just connect your data and start defining your playbooks. Customize your workspace further with our no-code tools to build transparent scoring models, custom dashboards, and automated workflows.

Top GTM teams 💜 Pocus

Not only is Pocus helping our sales team prioritize where to spend their time but they are making it easy to take the right actions. Pocus has quickly become a favorite tool because of that immediate ROI. They’ve been great thought partners as we evolve our PLG + tops down sales motion - this sets them apart from other vendors.
Adam Carr
VP Global Sales, Miro
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