The opportunity

Stop flying blind. Let your data drive.

Save hours per week digging through dashboards and spreadsheets to get a 360° view of your customers and prospects. Accelerate revenue with product usage insights that you can action quickly.

The Solution

Uncover the hidden revenue in your pipeline

Pocus’ Revenue Data Platform combines product usage and customer data to get a 360° view of your best opportunities.

Single Source of Truth

Keep the entire GTM team working from the same centralized system while keeping all downstream tools in sync.

Insights to Action

Proactively surface the best opportunities based on usage insights and next best actions in the same view.

No-Code  Required

Put GTM teams in control of their data. Build the perfect views without relying on developers.

use cases

Magic at any stage of the
customer journey.

Equip go-to-market teams with product usage insights to power prospecting, expansion, success, and everything in between.


Find revenue you didn't know existed. Uncover hidden opportunities for conversion and expansion in your pipeline.


Delight your customers and address issues faster with proactive alerts, product usage driven playbooks, and a customer 360° view at your fingertips.


Optimize your go-to-market motion and experimentation like never before with Pocus.

Who it’s for

A unified set of data for the entire GTM team.

Product-Led Sales (PLS) Teams

Get insights about existing product users to drive revenue, including conversion, cross-sell, and expansion.

Customer Success Teams

Keep customers happy and coming back for more. Use data to proactively manage churn and boost retention.

RevOps Teams

Align sales, marketing, and customer success teams with actionable data to accelerate revenue efficiently.

Hours saved weekly

Spend time with customers, not
digging through data.

Pipeline surfaced

Uncover hidden revenue in your
existing customer base.

Increase in ACV

Maximize your customer relationships with insight into product usage.

Increase in open rates

Automate email campaigns for
proactive, personalized outreach.

Higher conversion on PQLs

Make growth, retention, and optimization easy with unified data.

Top GTM Teams 💜 Pocus

Our PLG motion generates a ton of sign-ups every week and it's difficult for our reps to find high potential opportunities that are a perfect customer fit for our enterprise product. Pocus makes it easy to analyze our usage data and target the right users. Beyond the platform, Pocus has been a great thought partner as we scale our product-led and sales motions, arming us with proven playbooks across the customer journey.

Taylor Gibson
Director of Commercial Sales

Consolidating all of our data into a single view and driving retention and expansion playbooks has been a big unlock. I save 8-10  hours per week digging for data, giving me more time to personalize outreach to customers.

Justine Delgadillo
Customer Success, Manager

Your reps will thank you for choosing Pocus. I’d say I save 15 hours or more per week. Pocus helps save you time, find the best prospects, and overall has made me a better rep. I spend less time digging for data and more time honing my outreach personalization skills. I waste less time looking at prospects that probably aren’t worth my time.

Zoe Meneghetti
Account Executive

Not only is Pocus helping our sales teams prioritize where to spend their time but they are making it easy to take the right actions. Pocus has quickly become a favorite tool because of that immediate ROI. They’ve been a great thought partner as we evolve our PLG + Tops Down Sales Motion - this sets them apart from other vendors.

Adam Carr
VP Global Sales

I can log into Pocus and see a holistic picture of our users and insights about their product usage with a few clicks. It’s a game-changer having access to data that was previously locked in the data warehouse.

Casey Berenthal
Head of Sales

I could have cried the first time I saw Pocus. Finding the product usage data and context I needed to prioritize my accounts was like pulling teeth. I immediately started to see just how much time it saved me, I barely go into Salesforce anymore.

Amanda Zannette
Account Manager
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