The Product-Led Sales (PLS) Playbook is back!

This year Product-Led Sales had its grand debut. From just another acronym to climbing the keyword charts, PLS has become a hot topic for modern go-to-market teams. Have you adopted PLS yet? Not sure where to begin?

Get the definitive PLS Playbook. Volume 2 is packed with 150+ pages of expert advice, best practices, and frameworks from GTM leaders at the best SaaS companies.

Expert advice on implementing Product-Led Sales, scaling onboarding, structuring sales compensation, driving community-led growth, and more.

Volume 2 of the PLS Playbook includes

"Outbound sales can revolutionize revenue at your PLG company — but only if you go after it with an outbound tech stack full of the tools you need for research and productivity, build a consistent outbound strategy, and put in the work to deliver personalized outbound emails."
Using outbound to strengthen PLS
Maggie Hott
Director of Sales at Webflow
"Sales doesn't focus on first-time buyers. They don’t really need to. It’s not a hard sell because our price point is reasonable... Instead, our sales team focuses on the expansion after the land. They want to get into a production use case and move beyond scattered users to get up to the decision-making echelon of the company."
How to approach PLS for developer ICPs
Sam Richard
Head of Growth at ngrok
"Businesses with the mindset that onboarding and support are always a partial revenue driver will unlock tremendous value for customers. Think of a company like Zappos that invests heavily in customer support. They use support to delight customers, and in turn drive word of mouth marketing and revenue."
Drive delight and revenue through onboarding
Gaurav Vohra
Head of Growth at Superhuman
"The data and analytics teams tend to think about things from a team or user-based perspective, while sales and GTM folks think about everything from an account perspective. My job in RevOps is to understand where both are coming from, translate a bit, and create a common language based on the data."
Connecting the dots between data and GTM
Eugene Berson
VP, Head of Global RevOps, Insights, and Enablement at Asana
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