Turn your CS team into magicians

Pocus gives CS the power to delight, expand, and retain customers with ease. Get proactive alerts and a 360° view of customers all in one easy-to-use platform.

For churn prevention

Solve your customers' problems before they even notice. Get ahead of potential issues with custom alerts, notifications, and automations.

For expansion and upsell

Nurture customer relationships and foster product champions with high-touch and low-touch playbooks. Get alerted to possible expansions and proactively engage customers.

Make 'em think you're 
a mind-reader

Offer world-class support and guidance to every customer, without constantly checking each account. Pocus makes it easy to know who to connect with, and when. It’s your CS team’s crystal ball. 

All signals in one place

Pocus makes it easy to keep an eye on all of your accounts and watch for important customer signals. Build health scoring models, custom alerts, notifications, and more to get ahead of potential issues.

Automate key playbooks

Build loyalty with your product champions and offer support to at-risk accounts. Use low or no-touch automations to check in on customers when they need it most. 

Track, report, and optimize

Measure and improve your outreach efforts with easy-to-action reporting. Pocus breaks down which signals convert, identifies your best reps, and shows how you're tracking towards goals.

Pocus centralized our data sources into a single view, eliminating the manual work reps previously faced when conducting account discovery. It’s improving access to meaningful data so that it’s actually helping reps make much better decisions faster.

Daniel Janover-Rocha

Business Operations Manager

I love Pocus - frankly, I couldn't imagine my role as a CSM without it anymore. It gives me the data I need on customers in a such a clean and oragnized way. I'm also able to easily enroll a specific list of clients into a Salesloft cadence straight from the platform, which has helped me get in touch with clients that would have taken too much effort otherwise.

Samantha Becker

Enterprise CSM

Consolidating all of our data into a single view and driving retention and expansion playbooks has been a big unlock. I save 8-10 hours per week digging for data, giving me more time to personalize outreach to customers.

Justin Delgadillo

Customer Success Manager

Pocus has been instrumental in helping our team identify what users they should spend their time trying to expand and retain. The Pocus team has been an incredible partner in helping us succeed. When ever we have a question or need support they have been extremely quick to responde and resolve any issues.

Ben Lamson

Head of Paperspace Revenue

Getting started is easy

Connect your Salesforce or Hubspot CRM to give your CS team magical powers.

Connect CRM

Integrate directly with Salesforce or Hubspot

Identify Signals

Define the signals your team should action (pricing page visits, spike in traffic from taret accounts, etc.)

Trigger Outreach

Know when to engage via Slack alerts or use automations to send emails

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Enrich user and account profiles with an all-in-one data solution that covers dozens of 3rd party enrichment providers and Pocus’ custom AI scraping.

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