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Power future sales.

Combine product usage and customer data to get a 360° view of your hottest opportunities and take the next best action.
Magically easy to use.
Designed for non-technical GTM teams. Easy to configure dashboards and workflows.
Bring your data (as it is).
No need to cleanse or fit your data to a rigid schema. We fit your data, not the other way around.
No-code required.
Put sales teams in control. Non-technical teams can build the perfect views without relying on developers.

How Pocus Turns Product Data into Revenue

Surface the best opportunities and take the best next action.

A single source of truth

Sales teams can create dashboards, scoring models, and workflows with Pocus' no-code interface.
Get a complete picture of who your customers are and how they use your product. Keep it high level or go deep into drill-down views. Segment, filter, and configure however you'd like.
Who needs a crystal ball when you have Pocus insights at your fingertips?
Scoring Models
Pocus suggests intelligent scores and then gives you the keys to edit and iterate. Experiment with new PQL definitions without code. Understand how your lead scoring models work.
No more black boxes. Transparent and flexible scoring.
Workflow Orchestration
Streamline your workflows and go from insights to actions in seconds. Create an opportunity in your CRM, trigger a marketing automation sequence, or send an email directly from Pocus or Slack.
Act on insights with a single click.

Built for modern GTM teams

Finally, go-to-market teams can access rich product usage data.
SDR / Sales-Assist
Find hot leads you didn't know existed
Identify & qualify new product-qualified leads
Receive Slack alerts when an opportunity needs your attention
Personalize outreach based on rich product usage insights
Account Executive
Research top accounts, teams, and users
Research topic performing opportunities based on ICP fit and product usage
Showcase product usage to your potential buyer at the next customer meeting
Find needle in the haystack opportunities from existing user base
Go-To-Market Ops
Power your GTM operations from a single system
Build and experiment with powerful scoring models
Streamline workflows between GTM tools
Create automations to scale processes
Everyone Else
Power your GTM team with rich product usage data
Build customer health scoring models without code
Leverage product usage insights to drive expansion and upsell
Trigger automated marketing sequences based on scoring

Get prospecting with just a few clicks.

Point Pocus at your data sources and let us do the hard work. We'll combine product and CRM data into a single view.
Configure dashboards, workflows, and automations that matter to your business without relying on an engineer.
Identify who to go after and why. Keep it high level or go deep into specific insights.
Action data within your existing workflow. Update a Salesforce field, launch a marketing sequence, or send an email directly from Pocus or Slack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Pocus?
We’re still in beta, so the first step is to sign up for a spot on our waitlist. We’re moving more customers off the waitlist every week. Really, really need Pocus? Send us an email at to tell us why.
How long does onboarding take?
Onboarding takes less than 30 minutes of an analyst's time (someone who knows SQL). No engineers are required. Bring your data as is and just point us towards your data warehouse and CRM, then leave the rest to Pocus. 
Is my data safe with Pocus?
No magic tricks here. Unless you consider never storing any of your PII magical…🪄 We have special measures in place so that Pocus never stores any of your customer’s PII. 
Can Pocus manage my Product-Qualified Lead scoring?
Yes. And we can manage the entire PQL lifecycle - from defining and experimenting with scoring to operationalizing PQLs in an automated workflow. Pocus recommends intelligent scoring models then gives you the keys to edit and iterate. New to PQLs? Learn more in our definitive guide to PQLs here.
Can I use Pocus if my company isn’t fully PLG yet?
Yes. Pocus makes product usage data available to all go-to-market teams. So, if your sales, marketing, CS, or GTM ops teams need access to data about how users engage with the product to inform conversion, expansion, or retention, we can help!
You're intrigued or you fell asleep on your keyboard. Either way join our waitlist! 🪄