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The magic of Pocus

Our journey to revolutionizing
the world of sales 

We’re on a mission to equip product-led sales teams with the data, insights, and automations they need to close bigger deals faster

Growth for today’s highest performing SaaS business is no longer sales-led, but driven by a self-serve, product-led motion. In this new world, companies have an abundance of data about their customers, including firmographic and product usage data. But, this data lives in multiple different places - the data warehouse, CRM, marketing tools, and more - and the sales teams don't have the tools to access and analyze this data to inform their sales strategy. Simply put, the traditional enterprise sales tech stack is broken. Sales teams spend an overwhelming amount of time digging through data and switching between various tools to do their job.

Pocus was founded to make data actionable for sales teams so they can work smarter

With Pocus, sales teams can focus on adding value to their customers, instead of digging through data.  As the first ever platform to combine product engagement data with customer firmographic data, we are giving sales reps access to insights that have never been available before. With this unique data, we enable sales teams to convert free / self-serve users to large paid customer contracts more efficiently and effectively.  Through analytics and automations, Pocus identifies top opportunities / power users, alerts sales reps of product usage changes, and recommends the next best action so that sales teams can close bigger deals faster.


The story of the founding team

Alexa Grabell, co-founder & CEO of Pocus, led Sales Strategy & Operations at Dataminr where she became intimately familiar with the problem of combining product data with CRM data to equip sales teams with the information they needed to do their jobs. After hacking together an internal solution, Alexa realized that this problem was much bigger. Alexa teamed up with co-founder & CTO, Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky, who solved big, hairy data problems as a 2x former founder and while at Airbnb. Together, they spoke to over 300 PLG leaders to dive deep into the problem and ultimately build the solution.

Along with the founders’ passion for sales and data, Alexa and Isaac are equally as passionate about building a company culture where employees genuinely love what they do. The founders deeply value having a diverse and inclusive team of creators, builders, and go-getters that are ready to revolutionize the world of sales… all while having a lot of fun. If this sounds like you, check out our Careers page or email us at

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