2023 Product-Led Sales Benchmark Report

In 2023 GTM teams sought balance. As teams focused on doing more with less, they also rebalanced their GTM motions to find efficiency. Get all the GTM insights from 170+ top PLG companies surveyed in this year's report.

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Balancing the GTM scales

How are teams building their GTM strategy? Why are more companies making the switch to Product-Led Sales? How did teams balance their self-serve, sales-assisted, and sales-led motions? Get answers to questions like this and more in the 2023 PLS Benchmark Report.

We survey 170+ respondents from top PLG companies like: 

Key takeaways

  • 2023 was the  year of balance

    To drive efficient growth, teams leaned into a blended GTM approach. Respondents used a combination of self-serve, sales-assist, and enterprise sales strategies. 

  • Motions with sales  teams tipped the scales

    While companies achieved balance through a variety of GTM motions, they relied heavily on their sales teams. Sales teams helped companies sell to the enterprise and bring in larger deals.

  • PLS rose in popularity,  and will continue to  be more common

    Over half of respondents had a Product-Led Sales motion in 2023. And, the number of people using a PLS platform also increased year over year. PLS is an efficient and effective way to provide value and sell upmarket. 

  • Teams are looking to go upmarket and improve  efficiency in 2024

    Rocky economic waters aren’t set to calm down anytime soon. In 2024, teams will continue to lean into a blended GTM approach. And, they will turn their attention upmarket, looking to capture more of the enterprise segment.

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