Reveal all of your revenue opportunities

Uncover hidden sources of conversion and expansion, all from your existing PLG users.

Turn product usage signals into revenue

  • Missed opportunities

    Layering in traditional sales on top of your PLG motion can lead to missed signals. Wasting time on the wrong accounts plus ineffective spray-and-pray messaging lead to slow sales cycles and missed targets.

    • Reaching out to every trial user (even those not ready for sales)

    • Missing a key enterprise account with great usage

    • Generic messaging to appeal to all

    • Poorly timed outreach

    • Lacking full visibility into the customer journey

  • The Pocus way

    Harness product usage data and buying intent to build pipeline, close, and expand customers. Create focus for reps so they reach out to the right buyers at the right time.

    • Better customer experiences

    • Data-driven playbooks guide personalized outreach

    • Product usage insights to move upmarket

    • Better leads in less time using intent signals

    • 1st & 3rd party data combined for full visibility

The tool of choice for PLS companies

Prospecting, personalized

Turn on easy mode for prospecting and research. Pocus combines all of your product usage and intent signals to help you build pipeline with speed and perfect your personalized outreach.

More money, no problem

Find the hidden pipeline in your self-serve user base. Use product signals to focus reps on opportunities with the highest intent. Pocus helps PLS companies achieve higher ACV and conversion rates.

Put success on repeat

Build scalable playbooks that your team can easily repeat to stack their wins. See which product signals are most predictive of conversion and tune playbooks with our AI recommendations.

Pocus has been an incredible source of intel for our teams. With Pocus, we are able to marry the best of our product signals with our outbounding motion, enabling us to identify of best targets across both what they’re doing on our platform and who they are. This provides our teams hours back per week and enables them to spend their time on what matters most.

Danielle Peretore

Head of Corporate Sales

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Enrich user and account profiles with an all-in-one data solution that covers dozens of 3rd party enrichment providers and Pocus’ custom AI scraping.

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