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Pocus and Gong Announce Partnership

Pocus and Gong are doubling down on our vision to help teams fuel their data-driven go-to-market playbooks.

Alexa Grabell
April 11, 2024
Warm up your pipe gen efforts with signals

What is the antidote to the cold outbound, high volume model? Focusing on warm, hyper-relevant outbound instead.

Alexa Grabell
March 12, 2024
Scaling Go-to-Market: Lessons from Building a Revenue Engine at Ramp

How did Megan "figure out how to double revenue in 3 months" at Ramp? It was all about experimentation.

Megan Yen
February 27, 2024
Unlocking Growth and Retention with Tessa Thorburn (Loom)

Learn how Tessa's scaled and strategic CS org creates delight for Loom customers.

Tessa Thorburn
February 1, 2024
Building your signal-based GTM tech stack

What are “signal-based playbooks” and how is this strategy shaping the GTM 5.0 era. What new processes, tools, and playbooks are emerging?

Alexa Grabell
January 30, 2024
Introducing Pocus Enrichment

Customers can now access data from 700 million user profiles and 20 million companies in Pocus. No more context switching between tools to find data and enrich leads.

Sandy Mangat
January 23, 2024
‘Athletic Nerds’: A new profile for the modern seller with Sam Werboff

How the 'Athletic Nerd' sales profile shaped the early GTM organization at Airtable.

Sam Werboff
January 16, 2024
5 predictions for go-to-market teams in 2024

We did a reading to predict 5 trends for the GTM 5.0 era, plus how we stacked up for last years predictions.

Alexa Grabell
January 9, 2024
Building for the Intent 2.0 era

We're entering a new era of GTM - Intent 2.0. So what does that mean for GTM leaders in 2024? How is Pocus building for this new future?

Alexa Grabell
December 12, 2023
Introducing Playbook Reporting

Get out of reactive mode and proactively track your sales experiments with Playbook Reporting.

Sandy Mangat
November 29, 2023
How Paperspace’s Product-Led Sales motion drove 65% of ARR

Learn how Paperspace uses Pocus to turn product users into predictable top-line revenue.

Benjamin Lamson
November 21, 2023
Introducing Activity Widget

Modern go-to-market strategy is multi-channel and complex. The Activity Widget makes it easy for you to see the buyer’s journey and track progress on your efforts to engage.

Sandy Mangat
November 15, 2023
Introducing Pocus Predicts AI

With Pocus’ latest feature, Predicts AI, go-to-market teams can tune their motion without engineering or data science support.

Sandy Mangat
November 7, 2023
Playbooks vs. Lead Scoring

Should you use a Playbook or lead score to run your PLS motion? Let's break down the pros and cons of Playbooks and lead scores and how AI plays into both.

Alexa Grabell
November 7, 2023
Pocus + Salesloft Integration

Personalize Salesloft cadences with product usage insights from Pocus. Get in front of the right customers with a perfectly timed, personalized message.

Sandy Mangat
October 19, 2023
How the best PLG companies move upmarket

Every PLG company wants to move upmarket, but why is this motion easier said than done?

Alexa Grabell
October 17, 2023
The Notion playbook for best-in-class RevOps organizations

Namrata Ram, Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations shares her insights from building and scaling the RevOps organizations at Notion.

Namrata Ram
October 12, 2023
Selling to developers: Paperspace’s customer-first approach to Product-Led Sales 

The how and the why behind Paperspace’s CS-driven Product-Led Sales motion. Insights from Ben Lamson, Director of Revenue.

Benjamin Lamson
October 3, 2023
RevOps and PLS: Challenges, misconceptions, and the ideal state with Peter Ikladious

Peter Ikladious, Co-Founder and Partner at Unlocking Growth shares RevOps challenges, best practices, the steps to launch a Product-Led Sales motion, and tips on PLS tactics.

Peter Ikladious
September 28, 2023
How Loom turned 18M users into 33% of new pipeline

Based on their most recent funding round, Loom is valued at north of $1 billion and continuing to grow. To reach their next growth phase, Loom has enlisted Pocus’ help! Taylor Gibson, Director of Commercial Sales, and Will Waggenspack, Director of Business and RevOps, share how Loom turns product usage data into a pipeline-generating machine for sales.

Taylor Gibson
September 22, 2023
Enable your reps with usage data everywhere they work

We’re making it even easier for reps to access product usage insights without disrupting their workflow. We built Salesforce Embed so reps can spend less than a minute scanning their existing Salesforce views for the data insights they need.

Alexa Grabell
September 21, 2023
3 Product-Led Sales trends to watch out for in 2023 and beyond

How has Product-Led Sales evolved in 2023? We're launching our third annual PLS Benchmarks Survey to find out just how much PLS has changed. Plus, a few of our own predictions.

Alexa Grabell
September 18, 2023
"Survive to thrive" - How GTM Teams can win in a challenging macroeconomic environment

Best practices to help your sales team navigate a challenging macroeconomic environment and effectively “survive to thrive” over time.

Pete Prowitt
September 8, 2023
Webflow’s approach to revenue enablement for Product-Led Sales

By balancing the availability of meaningful data with the need for a non-overwhelming, deeply supportive system for revenue growth, revenue enablement helps ensure the PLS motion runs smoothly and effectively.

Mercy Lee Bell
July 24, 2023
How experiments, feedback, and data fueled Scribe’s product-led growth to over 1M users in 18 months

How Scribe migrated from a sales-led to product-led motion, and what that meant for sales incentives, pricing and packaging, feedback loops, and more.

Jennifer Smith
July 18, 2023
The product-led guide to customer onboarding

Onboarding best practices for PLG companies: must-haves, trends, and metrics.

Ivanha Paz
July 5, 2023
Superhuman’s path to PLG: Virality, delight, and humans at the helm

During his eight years at Superhuman, Gaurav Vohra has led everything from growth to product, marketing, and analytics — and made huge strides in every single role. Read on for his take on PMF, onboarding, aha moments, and more.

Gaurav Vohra
July 5, 2023
The ultimate guide to pricing and packaging for PLG

Explore the fundamentals of pricing and packaging in PLG, dive into granular tactics for pricing and packaging success, and learn some real world examples from the folks at Clay and ngrok.

Ivanha Paz
June 22, 2023
PostHog’s strategy to accelerate self-serve revenue

In this customer story, we talked to Cameron DeLeone, PostHog’s first commercial hire, about the company’s journey from scaling self-serve to Product-Led Sales. Cameron shares how Pocus helps his team cut through the noise of their product usage data to uncover insights that accelerate the path to revenue. 

Cameron DeLeone
June 19, 2023
From internal buy-in to PLS roll-out in 5 steps (template included!)

Frameworks and templates to help you plan for each stage of your PLS roll-out.

Alexa Grabell
June 12, 2023
Boost rep performance and drive consistency with Pocus Coaching

Our new feature empowers managers to coach, reward, and optimize rep performance against their Product-Led Sales goals.

Alexa Grabell
May 25, 2023
Optimizing growth product management to scale your B2B motion with PLG

Andrea Wang, Partner at General Catalyst (former Growth at Amplitude) on how to drive a product-led growth (PLG) motion from a product perspective, all while collaborating closely with sales, marketing, and the rest of the go-to-market function.

Andrea Wang
May 22, 2023
The top sales playbook template to move upmarket in PLG: Warm outbound

A template to launch your warm outbound playbook. This playbook prioritizes accounts based on their overall enterprise value (ARR potential) and conversion likelihood. The warm outbound playbook also relies on a Product-Qualified Account (PQA) score that looks at the level of engagement across the account (seats used, feature usage), the ICP fit (ARR potential), and expansion signals.

Alexa Grabell
May 15, 2023
Miro's guide to scaling Product-Led Sales

Adam Carr (Head of Global Sales at Miro) discusses how his sales team uses Pocus to accelerate revenue from their self-serve pipeline.

Alexa Grabell
May 9, 2023
Navigating growth in a recession

Pocus CEO, Alexa Grabell, talked about the challenges of navigating a recession and tips to overcome them, alongside other experienced founders: AJ Bruno (QuotaPath), Sarika Garg (Cacheflow), and Jonathan Friedman (Demostack).

Sandy Mangat
May 3, 2023
How Pocus helps Miro connect the dots between data and GTM

How Miro uses product usage insights about their 50M + users to accelerate revenue.

Aaron Bannin
April 18, 2023
Introducing the Revenue Data Platform

Our evolution from a Product-Led Sales Platform to a Revenue Data Platform to democratize data for the entire go-to-market team.

Alexa Grabell
April 17, 2023
Introducing the Revenue Data Graph

The Revenue Data Graph is the underlying glue that powers Pocus and makes it easier than ever to turn product data into revenue.

Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky
April 17, 2023
How OpenPhone’s sales and success team use product usage data to generate pipeline

In this customer story, we talked to OpenPhone’s Head of Sales and Success, Giancarlo Gialle; Makalie Reed, Revenue Operations Manager, and Justine Delgadillo, Senior Customer Success Manager. You’ll learn how OpenPhone uses Pocus to find higher converting leads, proactively manage customers, and scale their PLS motion.

Giancarlo Gialle
April 17, 2023
Tome: Automation without losing the human touch

Use product signals to automate outreach and improve product adoption with new users.

Kian Kolahdouzan
April 17, 2023
HubSpot’s Product-Led Sales strategy: Layering outbound and inbound motions

Discover HubSpot's go-to-market strategy, a Product-Led Sales motion powered by a combination of outbound and inbound channels to scale self-serve revenue.

David Barron
April 14, 2023
Customer success vs. sales-assist

Are customer success and sales-assist actually different roles in a hybrid go-to-market motion?

Allison Pickens
March 13, 2023
The top 3 playbooks for a product-led customer success strategy

From reactive to proactive, here are three major account management frameworks to scale your CS team’s revenue impact.

Alexa Grabell
March 13, 2023
How to optimize your SaaS sales process with a hybrid motion

How (and why) to improve your traditional SaaS sales process with a Product-Led Sales strategy.

Ivanha Paz
March 2, 2023
Product-Led Sales (PLS) AMA: Kyle Poyar (OpenView)

Trends we observed after surveying +200 SaaS businesses to create the 2022 Product-Led Sales Benchmarks Report.

Kyle Poyar
February 20, 2023
13 Product-led growth metrics to measure in 2023

Measuring product-led growth metrics is critical to understanding performance and hitting goals for PLG companies. Learn what to track in 2023 and beyond.

Ivanha Paz
February 16, 2023
Product-led growth vs. sales-led growth: What’s best for my business?

How do you know whether to pursue a product-led or sales-led motion — or some blend of the two? Figure out where you fall depending on core business priorities, product experience, and revenue goals.

Ivanha Paz
February 10, 2023
16 Top SaaS onboarding software platforms

Every high-performing SaaS company needs a robust user onboarding process. Find out why and the best saas onboarding software solutions to check out.

Sandy Mangat
February 6, 2023
Connect Pocus to 1000+ new tools

Connect tools like Zapier, Airtable, and to Pocus with our new webhook integration.

Alexa Grabell
February 6, 2023
Guide: Implement a sales-assist function in 7 weeks

Everything you need to know to set up and launch a successful sales-assist team to support your PLS motion.

Alexa Grabell
February 6, 2023
How to scale by adding a PLG motion to your GTM strategy

What an ideal PLG motion looks like for SaaS companies, 9 steps to integrating the PLG approach into your existing GTM motion, and more.

Sandy Mangat
February 1, 2023
5 Product-Led Sales playbook examples to scale your PLG motion

Must have playbooks to activate your PLS motion in 2023

Sandy Mangat
January 10, 2023
December Product Update

This past month the team has been working on a ton of improvements to the overall user experience in Pocus and some bigger features we’re excited to share with you in the new year.

Alexa Grabell
December 30, 2022
2022 Product-Led Sales Year in Review

Wrapping up an exciting year for Pocus and Product-Led Sales.

Alexa Grabell
December 27, 2022
What's in Store for Go-to-Market Teams in 2023

Did we accurately predict the future? We score last years predictions and make 6 new predictions for 2023.

Alexa Grabell
December 22, 2022
Product-Led Sales (PLS) AMA: Kim Walsh

Get insight into the early days of sales at Hubspot and their pioneering work in building out a sales-assist motion.

Kim Walsh
December 12, 2022
Product-Led Growth Companies that Crushed it in 2022

Product-led growth is the go-to-market motion responsible for the meteoric rise of some of the most successful tech companies like Slack, Canva, and Airtable.‍

Sandy Mangat
November 29, 2022
The Product-Led Growth Spectrum

Is PLG binary?

Alexa Grabell
November 22, 2022
Product-Led Sales (PLS) AMA: Patrick Woods

Learn his 3 step framework to launch your community like a product.

Patrick Woods
November 15, 2022
October Product Update

We’re focused on making the most powerful and flexible Product-Led Sales platform solution for our customers. We shipped a few new features recently to make that vision a reality.

Alexa Grabell
November 10, 2022
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