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Andrea Wang (Partner at General Catalyst, formerly Growth at Amplitude) on how to drive a product-led growth (PLG) motion from a product perspective, all while collaborating closely with sales, marketing, and the rest of the go-to-market function.

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Growth Product Management - Scaling B2B in PLG with Andrea Wang

Andrea Wang (Partner at General Catalyst, formerly Growth at Amplitude) on how to drive a product-led growth (PLG) motion from a product perspective, all while collaborating closely with sales, marketing, and the rest of the go-to-market function.

Superhuman's path to PLG with Gaurav Vohra

During his eight years at Superhuman, Gaurav Vohra has led everything from growth to product, marketing, and analytics — and made huge strides in every single role. Listen in for his take on: product-market fit, aha moments, onboarding, GTM alignment, and more!

HubSpot’s Product-Led Sales strategy: Layering outbound and inbound with David Barron

David Barron, Global Head of Sales at HubSpot, shares advice on how to establish a smooth sales + product feedback loop, identifying product-qualified leads (PQLs), deciding the right mix of sales motions and channels to invest in, outbound that doesn’t feel spammy, tactics for boosting retention, velocity, and ACV, and more.

How your GTM motion impacts marketing strategy

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Pocus Head of Marketing, Sandy Mangat, chats with Emily Kramer — she's built and scaled the GTMs of well-known PLG and PLS brands like Asana and Carta, and now helps marketers with her newsletter, advising, and angel investment. Listen in for advice on: The GTM spectrum (from pure PLG to fully sales-led), hiring and org design to complement your GTM motion, marketing strategy for each motion (top-down, bottom-up, and hybrid).

Diving into the 2022 PLS Benchmarks Report with Kyle Poyar

We partnered with Kyle and the folks at OpenView on our second annual Product-Led Sales Benchmarks survey. In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Kyle and Alexa dissect the survey results. Kyle share his SaaS trend predictions for 2023. Listen in for insights on topics like: how customers are buying products, PQAs vs. PQLs, pros and cons of reverse trials, ICP definitions and lead scoring, PLS metrics you should be tracking, and more!

From Sales-Led to Product Led with Kenneth Vincent

Tune in to discover how ClickUp transitioned from sales-led to product-led, what it took to get PLG buy-in, the process behind defining and operationalizing PQLs at ClickUp, balancing automation and customization when it comes to sales outreach, and the details of ClickUp’s self-serve and land-and-expand motions.

Clearbit’s Lead Qualification Engine: Scoring, Buy-In, and Data with Julie Beynon and Colin White

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Clearbit’s Julie Beynon and Colin White talk about how Clearbit's lead qualification engine has matured over time, Clearbit’s process to operationalize lead scoring, their failsafe to keep quality leads from slipping away, and why getting buy-in from GTM teams is just as important as using data to develop ICPs.

Product-Led Sales at Retool: the DoorDash Case Study with Eleanor Dorfman

Tune in to hear Eleanor Dorfman’s, Sales Leader at Retool, playbook on building Retool’s sales process (using DoorDash as a real case study), defining Retool’s primary sales channels, and how she structured the sales organization. Eleanor also shares her tips on when to start an outbound sales motion, how to find expansion opportunities, and handling sales compensation.

Incentives and Compensation in Product-Led Sales with AJ Bruno

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, AJ Bruno, CEO and Co-Founder of QuotaPath, delves into topics like: sales comp at QuotaPath, sales comp trends, guiding business metrics, how to develop sales comp plans around usage-based pricing, and company cultures that incentivize value.

Customer Success and Self Serve: Tactics and Strategy with Allison Pickens

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Allison Pickens from dbt Labs dives into the role of Customer Success within self-serve models with topics like: the overlap between customers success, sales-assist, and sales, how the role of customer success is not only present but expanding within product-led growth organizations, choosing the right level of simplicity vs. complexity when building your product adoption and expansion journey, and scalable, self-serve tactics that help supplement customer success.

Going Beyond the “Aha:” Product-Led Onboarding with Ramli John

Tune in to learn about Ramli John’s — Director of Content at Appcues — three-step onboarding formula that drives retention, his thoughts on who owns and who informs onboarding in a modern product-led company, how to deliver the best onboarding experience per customer segment, and how to convince your sales-led organization to adopt product-led onboarding. Plus much more!

How Loom went from Self-Serve to Sales-Assist with Pete Prowitt

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Pete Prowitt, Head of Revenue at Stytch discusses challenges and opportunities when you’re the first sales hire at a PLG company, transitioning from sales IC to manager and shares his experiences building sales teams at Loom, Intercom, Box, and Quip.

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