Keep it all connected with Automations.

Save the manual work of keeping the go-to-market tech stack in sync. Use automations to push data, trigger sequences, and more.


Connect Pocus to your
revenue tech stack.

Stop creating disparate data silos. Connect Pocus to 1000s of apps and make them work even better for you.

Unlock your data warehouse to start making product usage and customer data actionable for the sales team.

Share customer data and insights between Pocus and your CRM to update information, create new records, or drive workflows.

Connect your sales engagement tools to send quick, personalized sequences based on product usage insights.

Use product usage and customer data to create behavior-driven email marketing sequences.

Automatically generate a slide deck of insights and wow your product champion at the next meeting.

Push data to 1000s of tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, Asana, or Zapier.

headless workflows

Ditch the manual work and scale your team.

Power any workflow in your tech stack automatically with product
usage insights, generated in Pocus.

Personalization at scale

Use product usage data to enrich your automated email sequences to customers and prospects.

Usage based triggers

Manage one-to-many customer relationships with automated workflows based on product usage data, customer fit data, or both.

Maintain pipeline hygiene

Take multiple actions with one click, like update an opportunity, add to sequence, and update the PQL score. Put maintaining pipeline hygiene on autopilot.


Deliver Pocus insights where your team already works

Keep product usage top of mind by embedding Pocus insights in the tools your team already uses like Salesforce and Slack.

Salesforce Embed

Get a full customer 360 view without leaving Salesforce. Get granular product usage insights about accounts and contacts to power existing rep workflows.

Slack Alerts

New opportunity hit a certain usage benchmark? Notify your team in Slack so they can act quickly. Give reps product usage insights within their existing workflows to reduce context switching and improve productivity.

reverse ETL

Ditch the brittle pipelines. Sync data to 1000s of apps without engineering support or code.

Share customer 360°insights

Build signals, scores, and metrics in Pocus once and share them across your stack. Make it easier to centralize customer insights and avoid rebuilding logic and scoring models in multiple tools.

Purpose built for GTM teams

Reverse ETL complements your existing pipelines with a non-technical, user friendly interface designed specifically to keep insights in Pocus synced with your entire stack.


Want to see behind the magic curtain? We’ve got answers to your most pressing questions about Pocus.

What tools does Pocus integrate with and how?

We can integrate with almost any tool that is a source of important revenue data for your team like the data warehouse, CRM, or CDP. We also have integrations with downstream tools in your stack for sales enagagement, marketing, customer success and more.

How does Pocus compare to Reverse ETL tools?

Reverse ETL is just one feature of the Pocus platform. Popular Reverse ETL tools require a data analyst to build these pipelines in SQL. By comparison, our feature is purpose-built for GTM teams. Non-technical users can easily build new audiences, score them, and sync that data to any downstream tool.

How does Pocus integrate with Salesforce? Am I creating another data silo?

Pocus has a robust ability to read Salesforce data, write to Salesforce fields, create new Salesforce objects, and embed Pocus views directly into Salesforce. This tight integration means teams can use Pocus without feeling like they’re adding “one more tool”.

See the magic for yourself.

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