Promoted Product Champion Playbook

Playbook Overview
When should you run this playbook?
You have strong footholds in accounts with product champions.
Who to target?
Existing customers with a product champion who was recently promoted.
Playbook goal?
Retain revenue by building stronger relationships with product champions that have influence.
Responsible team(s)?
  • Building rapport with a promoted product champion is crucial for strengthening client relationships and retaining revenue. 
  • Automate a gesture of congratulations using tools like Pocus and the Sendoso integration to send a gift.
  • Engage in personalized outreach to explore opportunities for upsell or cross-sell based on the promoted champion's new role.

What is the key signal?

Promotion of a product champion within an account gives you an opportunity to build stronger, deeper customer relationships by celebrating the career milestone with them. 

What is the goal?

Retain revenue by strengthening existing customer relationships.

When should you use this playbook?

Relationship building is a key piece of revenue retention and pipeline expansion. One of the best ways to help strengthen an existing customer relationship is through celebrating milestone moments with your contacts. When a product champion has been promoted you have a unique opportunity to congratulate them and remind them how much your brand values their partnership. Run this playbook when you want to continue building goodwill with your product champions.

Try This Playbook

Step 1

Identify your product champions at each account. They’re often your power users who may not be decision-makers but certainly can sway the process. Looking at a combination of title, product usage, and tenure can be helpful. A tool like Pocus can help you surface the right contacts based on several factors.

Step 2

Track career updates for your champions. While you can have reps keep an eye on LinkedIn, the easiest way to track promotions and role changes is via Pocus’ out-of-the-box enrichment that immediately surfaces title changes.

Step 3 

Congratulate the champion post-promotion. Sending a heartfelt note to the product champion after promotion is a great way to build and maintain your personal relationship with a key internal influencer. The message can be as simple as a congratulatory email, or you can use a platform like Sendoso to create triggered gift campaigns for a special touch. 

Step 4 

Schedule a follow-up call to check in. A quick catch-up call can help ensure you fully understand the product champion’s new scope, any challenges they’re going to be tackling, and where your product can help. This is the perfect time for you to act as a solutions consultant, helping the product champion find ways to use your product in their new role.

Enable this playbook in Pocus

  1. Connect your relevant data sources.
  2. Select your goal (in this case, Revenue Retention).
  3. Build your playbook based on the signal (trigger) and actions outlined above.
  4. Run the playbook by rolling it out to the relevant members of your team.
  5. Iterate over time based on reporting and results. You may find ways to improve this playbook’s effectiveness beyond what we’ve outlined here!
About the author
Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus

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