Magic Playbooks, better workflows.

Route the right opportunities to the right team and allow them to take action with prescriptive playbooks.


Build, test, and run Playbooks powered by usage insights.

Operationalize usage data.

Encourage your GTM teams to build, test, and refine their own set of Playbooks saving RevOps hours of work.

Surface high-priority leads.

Help GTM teams engage confidently with top leads—the ones who are really ready for the next step.

Expedite experimentation.

Try new outreach strategies in hours (not days) with Playbooks designed to be iterated and refined.

Leverage conditional sequences.

Build Playbooks with sequences for tech-touch, human-touch, or a combination.

Proven Playbook templates from the best GTM teams

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Reliable reporting

Connect the dots with PLS and hit your targets every time.


Playbook performance visibility.

See what’s working (and what’s not working) in your current Playbooks and fine tune as you see fit. 


Track team progress.

See how GTM team members are performing with certain Playbooks and coach them for repeatability.

Artificial Intelligence

Tune your Playbooks in real-time with AI-powered recommendations.

Know the unknown.

See which Playbooks perform best, what Playbooks are missing, and how to tune your motion for higher conversions.

Skip the guesswork.

Confidently iterate Playbooks based on performance data (not your best guestimate).

Look like a genius.

Help your teams understand how Playbooks impact conversion rate on goals (no legwork required).


Skip the black-box.
Put RevOps in control.

Changes made easy.

Take control over scoring and layer in feedback easily—no coding or engineers required.

Scores for the entire customer journey.

Create multiple scores for every stage of the customer lifecycle with Pocus.

Skip the black-box scoring models.

Give RevOps the keys to power your scoring engine. Build trust and transparency in scores surfaced to the GTM team.


Want to see behind the magic curtain? We’ve got answers to your most pressing questions about Pocus.

How does scoring work?

Pocus offers transparent and flexible scoring. This means you can see exactly what is powering a score that says “excellent” or “poor.” This understanding of the “why” behind a score is critical to build trust with reps.

Does your scoring model use AI?

Yes! What makes Pocus unique is that our AI models are transparent. Everything is auditable and editable by non-technical users. Easily apply your qualitative or quantitative expertise to adjust scores as you see fit.

What if I don't know what playbooks to run?

We can help! We take a consultative approach to help customers build their Playbooks that includes both qualitative and quantitive exercises. For quantitative, we use our AI models to help uncover product usage signals and potential Playbooks. We also run a workshop with your team to collect qualitative feedback on what has been working in the field. This combined with our in-house expertise (our team are all practitioners of PLS themselves) will help you get started with your first set of Playbooks.

See the magic for yourself.

Watch how Pocus makes it easy to drive conversion, retention, and optimization.