The Product-Led Sales (PLS) Playbook Volume 1

The playbook for Product-Led Sales didn't exist—until now. We brought together the top GTM experts to create a community-driven collection of articles on every aspect of adopting this new strategy from frameworks and best practices to leadership advice.

Just like PLG before it, we believe Product-Led Sales is the future for high-growth SaaS businesses. This playbook isn't theory, it's written by experts who built PLS from zero to one at companies like Zapier, Slack, Cypress, Airtable, Atlassian, Dropbox, Clockwise, and more.

Expert advice on defining PQLs, crafting the Product-Led Sales user journey, hiring the role of sales-assist, and more.

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The Product-Led Sales (PLS) Playbook includes

"One key piece of advice here: Every metric identified doesn’t have to be shared. Be wary of overwhelming your sales reps with too many metrics. Prioritize carefully and use just enough science in scoring for credibility, but don’t go overboard with too much complexity all at once."
Leadership Lessons from Slack
Eli Weiner
SVP, Strategy & Operations at Slack
"To find the right balance between PLS and traditional sales-led, you need a keen understanding of how customers of different segments and sizes prefer to buy and a plan for how you’ll guide folks down the appropriate paths based on this understanding — plus what’s economically viable."
Moving from Sales-Led to Product-Led
Rob Falcone
Senior Director of Product-Led Sales at Guru
"Your core sales team will function much like other traditional SaaS sales teams, but they will primarily target product-qualified leads (PQLs) rather than MQLs or cold leads. So the reps who make up this team need to have at least some level of sales experience. And since you’re in a product-led environment, they should also have deep product expertise."
Building a Winning PLS team
GC Lionetti
Former Sales Leader at Dropbox, Atlassian, and Confluent
"Product-Led Sales requires a new type of customer success initiative that comes in earlier in the customer journey. We want to help individual users adopt the product, find ways to help individual users refer their teammates, and get introductions to leaders or influencers within the organization who can encourage and enable adoption across groups of users." 
Customer Success in a PLS world
Allison Pickens
Board Director and Former COO at Gainsight
Not theory, just real tactics and advice. Download your copy.