Episode 8: Diving into the 2022 PLS Benchmarks Report with Kyle Poyar

Hosted by
Alexa Grabell

We partnered with Kyle and the folks at OpenView on our second annual Product-Led Sales Benchmarks survey. In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Kyle and Alexa dissect the survey results. Kyle share his SaaS trend predictions for 2023. Listen in for insights on topics like: how customers are buying products, PQAs vs. PQLs, pros and cons of reverse trials, ICP definitions and lead scoring, PLS metrics you should be tracking, and more!

Guest Info
Kyle Poyar

Kyle Poyar is Operating Partner at OpenView, the expansion stage VC. He helps OpenView’s portfolio companies fuel growth and become market leaders.

​In his past life, Kyle was a Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners, the leading consulting firm specializing in monetization. When he's not writing about growth for his Growth Unhinged Newsletter, you can find him playing tennis 🎾, cooking Mediterranean food 🍳, hiking 🥾, attempting to finish a Barry’s workout 💪, or hanging out in Boston.