Episode 2: Going Beyond the “Aha:” Product-Led Onboarding with Ramli John

Hosted by
Alexa Grabell

Tune in to learn about Ramli John’s — Director of Content at Appcues — three-step onboarding formula that drives retention, his thoughts on who owns and who informs onboarding in a modern product-led company, how to deliver the best onboarding experience per customer segment, and how to convince your sales-led organization to adopt product-led onboarding. Plus much more!

Guest Info
Ramli John

Ramli John is Director of Content at Appcues, PLG coach at ProductLed, and "Product-Led Onboarding" author. He uses his multidisciplinary skills in marketing, design, and software development to help product-led SaaS companies analyze their whole customer's journey and funnel to identify growth opportunities to 2-3X their MRR.

Often, that means designing and implementing experiments to increase activation rate (trial-to-paid or free-to-paid conversions), decrease churn rate or increase average revenue per user (ARPU)

On the side, he’s the creator, producer, and host of the podcast: Growth Marketing Today.