Episode 9: How your GTM motion impacts marketing strategy

Hosted by
Sandy Mangat

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Pocus Head of Marketing, Sandy Mangat, chats with Emily Kramer — she's built and scaled the GTMs of well-known PLG and PLS brands like Asana and Carta, and now helps marketers with her newsletter, advising, and angel investment. Listen in for advice on: The GTM spectrum (from pure PLG to fully sales-led), hiring and org design to complement your GTM motion, marketing strategy for each motion (top-down, bottom-up, and hybrid).

Guest Info
Emily Kramer

Emily Kramer is co-founder of MKT1, where she helps founders and marketing leaders build high-growth B2B companies through investment and advising. Prior to founding MKT1 she built and scaled marketing teams at Asana, Carta, Ticketfly, and Astro (acquired by Slack).