Dec 13: Product-Led Customer Success with Tessa Thorburn (Loom)

How to build a product-led customer success function that creates millions of happy users.

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About the event

How did Loom get to 18M happy users, millions in revenue from enterprise customers, and an acquisition by Atlassian? Obsession with doing what's best for customers. Tessa Thorburn and the Customer Success team have been instrumental to Loom's ability to grow and retain customers who are obsessed with Loom. In this AMA we'll learn from Tessa's experience at Loom, from her start as a strategic CSM to now as Head of Customer Success.

About Tessa

Tessa Thorburn has a diverse career spanning both pre and post-sales. For nearly four years now, Tessa has been at Loom (recently acquired by Atlassian for 975M) and leads the Customer Success organization. As the Head of Customer Success, Tessa excels in aligning revenue growth and customer success strategy. She has built specialized teams that manage the complete customer journey, including onboarding, adoption, retention, expansion, and scalable programs. Tessa places a top priority on ensuring customers achieve successful outcomes, believing that effective communication through video messaging is a cornerstone of any team's success.

Prior to Loom, Tessa began her career as a Solutions Engineer, evolving into leadership roles within Solutions and Customer Success (CS) teams. She had a pioneering role at a pre-revenue blockchain startup and pivotal contributions to organizations' exit events, both at Xactly and Salesloft.

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Tessa Thorburn
Head of Customer Success
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