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Dev customer journey
Nailing the PLG customer journey is everything in developer tools GTM. Make it easy for users to onboard and layer in humans to help, not sell.
Ben Lamson
Head of Paperspace Revenue at DigitalOcean
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Selling to devs
Why does freemium actually matter when selling to devs? How to think about ICPs, use cases, and pricing to guide your Product-Led Sales playbooks.
Sam Richard
Head of Growth at ngrok
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Make data your friend, not foe
Data is your biggest advantage as a seller in dev GTM, learn how to ask for it, manipulate it, and use it to create compelling outreach for customers.
Aaron Geller
VP of Sales and Success at QuickNode
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Beyond enrichment
Selling, marketing, building community all won’t matter if you have no clue who your users are! Learn the basics of enrichment for developer tool GTM and common pitfalls to avoid.
Francesca Krihely
Head of Marketing at Oso
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Finale Webinar
Join Sam Richard (ngrok), and Matt Baker (LaunchDarkly) to talk building a PLS motion for dev tools zero to one.
Panel discussion
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