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About RB2B

RB2B identifies your website visitors at the individual person level, then pushes their information real-time directly to your team’s Slack. Tailor your strategy and personalize outreach based on visited pages and interaction with site content. Build a more focused approach to engagement, where your GTM team’s efforts are concentrated on visitors who show a higher propensity for conversion.

RB2B x Pocus Integration

How we integrate: read RB2B data from Hubspot

How it works:

  1. Turn on the Hubspot <> RB2B integration to send data to your desired object in Hubspot
  2. Add the RB2B fields from CRM to your Pocus workspace in data setup 
  3. Add these signals your existing Playbooks and scores or create new ones

Top Use Cases

RB2B can help you unlock website intent signals like:

  • An ICP account hits high-intent pages like pricing, case studies, or integrations.
  • A recent spike in website visitors from a target account.
  • New visits from decision-makers when a deal has stalled. 

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