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Job Switchers

Turn past users into current happy customers

Unlock new pipeline from high-intent leads - your former customers. Pocus tracks Job Switchers and proactively surfaces them to your team to take quick action.

Trusted by high-growth SaaS companies

For Sales

Get alerted to take swift action when product champions switch jobs wherever you work. Get notified in your CRM, Slack, or in the Pocus inbox.

For Marketing

Put your Job Switcher playbook on autopilot. Automate outreach to product champions, update the CRM with new contact details, and more.


Past product champions are 6x more likely to respond to outreach

Generate pipeline efficiently

Break into target accounts with a warm intro to your past product champions. Save spend on expensive cold outbound tactic and fast track the deal.

Strengthen active deals

Stay on top of changes with active deals. Monitor for departures in the buying committee or past champions joining a new team members.

Protect against churn risk

Key product champion or power user departures put accounts at risk. Alert your success teams to reach out quickly.

Unlock a new source
of low cost pipeline  

Go beyond tracking job changes

With Pocus, your reps get access to much more than job switcher signals. Unlock a 360¬į view of customers and track any signal from product usage to marketing engagement in one place.

All signals in one place

Pocus is the consolidated platform all of your signals, whether it's product usage, job switchers, website visitors , and more. Build any signal-based playbook to power your GTM.

3rd party enrichment

Know your customers like never before. Pocus provides out-of-the-box enrichment from a variety of providers to give you the latest data to build a full customer profile.

Report and optimize

Don't just take action, measure & improve playbooks. Pocus gives leadership insights into which signals convert, your best reps, and how you're tracking towards goals.

Getting started is easy

Connect your Salesforce or Hubspot CRM to start surfacing high-potential job switchers to your reps.

Connect CRM

Integrate with Salesforce / Hubspot

Define ICP

Define your target personas (power users, champions, closed lost accounts, etc.)

Get Leads

Engage job switcher leads with personalized outreach


Tell me more about how to get access to Job Switchers and how it works!

Who is job switchers for?

Any GTM team looking to track job switchers. As long as you have a CRM and at least 10K contacts, Job Switchers can surface valuable leads from your past customers.

How does Job Switchers work with the rest of Pocus?

If you're already a Pocus customer or have interest in combining product usage data with job switcher data, we've got you covered. Bring together all of your intent signals in one place with Pocus.

What if my CRM data is messy?

As long as you have a basic CRM setup with the equivalent of leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities there should be no issues with getting started. Start seeing insights about job switchers in under 1 week.

What types of Playbooks can I run with this data?

There are a number of Playbooks you can run with Job Switchers. The possibilities are endless and we're here to help you brainstorm. Here's just a few: 

  • Past product champion joins a target account
  • New buyer persona joined account
  • Closed lost account contact joins target account