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What if you could build authentic relationships and stand out in a cluttered digital world, all with a click? Sendoso’s gifting platform helps marketing, sales, and CX teams engage at strategic points throughout the customer journey—ultimately driving more pipeline and revenue. Sendoso offers worldwide gifting fulfillment, robust reporting and analytics, and scalable options for every budget. 

Sendoso x Pocus Integration

Sendoso’s seamless integration with Pocus allows you to combine the power of signal-based playbooks and automated gifting campaigns to send high-impact outbound communication. The Sendoso x Pocus integration enables teams to send personalized gifts based on data with just one click. No more toggling across multiple tools!

Gifting Playbooks Powered by Sendoso

For users of the Sendoso/Pocus integration, the two primary actions are cuing a rep to manually trigger a gift to send, or triggering an automated Sendoso campaign to send a gift.

Using this collection of playbooks, you can:

  • Turn past product champions into new opportunities by sending eGifts
  • Build relationships with key decision-makers using strategic gift campaigns
  • Create grass-roots-level support for your product among ICs with small-scale celebratory moments

While these playbooks are some of the most popular, you can always custom-build your own playbooks for your own use cases.

Playbook: Product Champion Switches Jobs

If you see high turnover among your product champions, either at the company or industry level, recent job changes can be the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door at a target account. A “job switcher” playbook builds on the good will you’ve already established with a product champion to carry over the relationship to a new company.

Goal: Build new pipeline by reaching out to past product champions.

Signal: Pocus Job Switcher identifies a past product champion has started a new role at a target company.

Action: Send a note to your product champion congratulating them on their new job with a link to a curated eGift selection for them to choose from. Depending on the person’s role within the account you can use outreach to re-establish a relationship (build rapport) or make an explicit ask for an intro. 

Not sure how to craft your message? Don’t make your first email overtly a pitch. Remember, you’re reaching out because they’re starting a new chapter in their career! Show them you appreciate them championing your product at their last company and offer to help in their new role.

Playbook: Director+ Achieves Product Milestone

Celebrate the wins of your senior product champions with a customized gift. Creating moments of surprise and delight can help build loyalty and strengthen your rapport, so your key account decision-makers become product evangelists.

Goal: Retain revenue through churn prevention.

Signal: Combine user title information with product usage data to identify when a Director or above has achieved a key product milestone at their team level.

Action: Send a note congratulating the Director+ on their team hitting this milestone and thanking them for being a great partner. For example, an ESP might send a “Congrats on X million emails sent!” message while a payment processor may send a “Congrats on $XX in revenue!” message. 

Depending on your product functionality and the customer’s industry, consider asking for a customer testimonial or case study opportunity to help continue building the relationship. Also keep in mind that it may be worth having a slightly higher budget for this gift since it’s going to a leadership-level client with decision making power.

Playbook: IC Achieves Product Milestone

By building loyalty with the day-to-day users of your product, you’ll have grass roots support when it’s contract renewal time. Plus, ICs who see value in your product can help act as product evangelists internally during an expansion effort. As an added benefit, because ICs are often overlooked by vendors, a small gift can go a long way, meaning you don’t need a big budget to see impact.

Goal: Retain revenue through churn prevention.

Signal: Combine user title information with product usage data to identify when an IC has achieved an individual-level key product milestone.

Action: Send a note congratulating the IC on hitting the product milestone and offering ideas for next milestones to target. For example, a video platform might congratulate an IC on loading 50+ videos, with a link to content on ideas for more videos.

Test, Analyze, and Iterate on Your Playbooks

Once building and running signal-based playbooks like these has become the norm for your team, it’s time to experiment, track performance, and iterate. In short, when you find something that works, double down. 

  • Review playbook performance data regularly. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to confirm that your playbook is achieving the original goal you aligned it with. Engagement metrics and customer sentiment are important, but at the end of the day, the playbook needs to be earning or protecting revenue. Pocus can help streamline this process by consolidating playbook reporting and automatically surfacing playbooks your team might be missing.
  • Run incremental tests. Don’t try to change too much, too fast when experimenting. Decide which variables might make the biggest, most immediate impact if tested. For example, you can coach reps on how to action leads faster or improve their messaging to see if the playbook performs better. Make sure to set an experimentation window during which you’ll gather and measure data.
  • Get feedback from the field. Ask your reps what they’re hearing and seeing. They’re a great front-line resource for new market patterns, which messaging resonates, and where there may be new opportunities. They may also have valuable insights on what’s not landing with leads and customers.

Send It!

Take your signal-based playbooks to the next level by integrating Pocus’ GTM platform and Sendoso’s gifting capabilities. By targeting the right person at the right time with the perfect gift your team can build stronger customer relationships, break into new target accounts, and create lifelong product champions.

With Pocus and Sendoso combined you can test and refine your playbooks, maximizing budget and providing tangible results. Get started today and crush your pipeline goals.

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