LinkedIn Engagement Playbooks Powered by Aware

Inbound, outbound, and content engagement signals for LinkedIn.

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Aware helps you grow your pipeline faster with authentic, genuine LinkedIn engagement. With Aware you can monitor engagement and growth activity across your team, individually and as a whole. Build dynamic lists and curated feeds so you never miss a post or comment. Keep track of your inbound and outbound engagements over time and across content. See which of your posts are getting the most engagement. And sync everything to Pocus, Salesforce or Hubspot. 

Aware x Pocus Integration

Aware’s robust LinkedIn engagement signals keep you up-to-date on who’s posting and commenting so you have a leg up on your prospecting and warm outbound efforts. With the Aware x Pocus integration, these key LinkedIn engagement signals are now available directly in Pocus to power your playbooks. 

LinkedIn Engagement Playbooks Powered by Aware

Aware’s signals can help you:

  • Identify leads who are actively engaging with your LinkedIn posts
  • Target ICPs who are commenting on leadership’s posts
  • And more

While these playbooks are a great way to get started, you can always custom-build your own playbooks for your own use cases.

Playbook: Leads Engaged With Your LinkedIn Posts

Social selling is a great way to build authentic connections with your prospects and position yourself as an expert in your field. Many sales reps already do this by posting relevant content on LinkedIn and engaging with the followers who comment or like their posts. Take that interaction one step further and use the leads who are engaging with your LinkedIn content as a source for warm outbound.

Goal: Build pipeline with warm outbound.

Signal: Leads are commenting on or liking your LinkedIn posts.

Action: Keep the conversation going by sending a quick message. Some of the best social selling occurs when your post leaves something out and followers are compelled to ask follow-up questions. You can use your outreach to answer the question and start building your relationship. Outreach can be sent over LinkedIn messages or email.

Playbook: ICPs Comment on Leadership’s Posts

An even stronger intent signal than an ICP commenting on your content is when they also engage with your leadership’s posts as well. Take the opportunity to break into a target account by using recent interaction as a conversation starter. 

Goal: Build pipeline with ICPs.

Signal: ICP comments on leadership’s LinkedIn posts.

Action: Reach out in a timely manner and reference the original post. Keep the ICP engaged by asking more questions or providing value via your own content. Focus on building the relationship and don’t rush into your pitch too quickly! 

Test, Analyze, and Iterate on Your Playbooks

Once building and running signal-based playbooks like these has become the norm for your team, it’s time to experiment, track performance, and iterate. In short, when you find something that works, double down. 

  • Review playbook performance data regularly. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to confirm that your playbook is achieving the original goal you aligned it with. Engagement metrics and customer sentiment are important, but at the end of the day, the playbook needs to be earning or protecting revenue. Pocus can help streamline this process by consolidating playbook reporting and automatically surfacing playbooks your team might be missing.
  • Run incremental tests. Don’t try to change too much, too fast when experimenting. Decide which variables might make the biggest, most immediate impact if tested. For example, you can coach reps on how to action leads faster or improve their messaging to see if the playbook performs better. Make sure to set an experimentation window during which you’ll gather and measure data.
  • Get feedback from the field. Ask your reps what they’re hearing and seeing. They’re a great front-line resource for new market patterns, which messaging resonates, and where there may be new opportunities. They may also have valuable insights on what’s not landing with leads and customers.

Send It!

Take your signal-based playbooks to the next level by integrating Pocus’ GTM platform and Aware’s LinkedIn engagement signals. With Pocus and Aware combined, you can test and refine your playbooks, maximizing your budget and providing tangible results. Get started today and crush your pipeline goals.

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