New Leadership at Target Account Playbook

Playbook Overview
When should you run this playbook?
A target account experiences a leadership-level change in departments that are relevant to your product.
Who to target?
Newly hired leadership at an account you’ve been trying to break into.
Playbook goal?
Book a meeting with new leaders to build pipeline.
Responsible team(s)?
  • A new leader coming on board at a target account is a great time to begin or restart sales conversations.
  • Use networking tools like LinkedIn to identify these leadership changes or use Pocus Job Switcher to identify changes within your existing network.
  • When reaching out to establish a relationship, focus your efforts on getting to know the new leader and what their pain points are. Acting as a consultant and partner in helping them achieve their goals will make the relationship-building easier.

What is the key signal?

Look for changes at the executive and decision-maker level to know when to reach out. Announcements may come via LinkedIn title changes or press releases in industry publications.

What is the goal?

Build pipeline by targeting the new decision-makers at an account.

When should you use this playbook?

When new leadership is hired at a target account you have a unique opportunity to pitch your product to someone who is motivated to make an immediate impact. Use this playbook when target accounts you’ve been struggling to break into have new hires on the executive team or in decision-making positions. You’ll have a chance to act as a consultant, understand the top priorities of the new leader, and identify ways in which your product can help accomplish those goals.

Try This Playbook

Step 1

Monitor your target accounts for hiring announcements. Often companies will announce new additions to executive or leadership teams via a press release. You may also see an announcement via networking or social media sites like LinkedIn. If the new leader is in your existing list of contacts, you can also be notified by Pocus Job Switcher.

Step 2

Reach out to establish a relationship. Send a congratulatory note to new leaders to build a personal relationship. Consider sending a gift through a platform like Sendoso, which can be integrated directly into Pocus to trigger gifting campaigns.

Step 3 

Schedule a call to introduce yourself. A quick intro call can help ensure you fully understand the new leader’s scope, what challenges they see, and where your product can help. While this call should mostly be about getting to know each other, when you discuss your product, remember to act as a solutions consultant, highlighting ways your product can solve the new leader’s pain points.

Enable this playbook in Pocus

  1. Connect your relevant data sources.
  2. Select your goal (in this case, Build Pipeline).
  3. Build your playbook based on the signal (trigger) and actions outlined above.
  4. Run the playbook by rolling it out to the relevant members of your team.
  5. Iterate over time based on reporting and results. You may find ways to improve this playbook’s effectiveness beyond what we’ve outlined here!
About the author
Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus

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