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Core Personality Traits

Imaginative, nurturing, and intuitive — the empathetic seller.

The Cancer Sales Strategy

Cancers are flexible, with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Their deep intuition makes them an ideal networker and salesperson. Cancers see a project or deal through, from start to finish, displaying loyalty to their employers.

Cancer GTM team members build strong emotional connections with clients, understanding their needs on a deeper level. Scorpios are Cancer’s ideal prospect as they are also emotionally intelligent and highly perceptive - a fellow water sign. Much like their Cancer counterparts, Scorpios have little patience for time-wasting or the superficial. They’re motivated to negotiate and find a solution.

Aligning With Cancer Decision Makers

Cancer Decision Makers are intuitive and nurturing, making them receptive to pitches that prioritize user experience and customer support. They are most likely to be open to purchasing when they feel emotionally connected to the brand and confident in its ability to address their specific pain points. AEs and AMs should be mindful of Cancer's sensitivity and need for reassurance, ensuring they provide personalized attention and follow-up throughout the sales process.

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