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Core Personality Traits

Partnership, equality, balance — a surprisingly grounded Air sign!

The Libra Sales Strategy

Libras are diplomatic and charming, making them adept at building harmonious relationships with clients. They excel at finding mutually beneficial solutions. Libras approach prospecting with fairness and balance, seeking to understand both the client's needs and their own objectives. However, they should be mindful of their indecisiveness or tendency to avoid conflict, ensuring they assert themselves confidently when closing deals. It’s not uncommon for Libras to loathe negotiation, preferring to sweeten the pot for the client to continue having a harmonious relationship.

Libras should be wary of entering into sales relationships with hard-headed signs like Taurus, lest they be bulldozed and taken advantage of.

Aligning With Libra Decision Makers

Libra Decision Makers are diplomatic and collaborative, making them receptive to products that prioritize teamwork and communication. They are most likely to be open to purchasing when they're seeking consensus among their team or evaluating multiple options. Sales reps should be mindful of Libra's indecisiveness and desire for balance, ensuring they provide clear comparisons and recommendations to facilitate the decision-making process. And don’t forget, the Libra desire to avoid conflict and seek a mutually beneficial agreement holds true on the buyer side too!

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