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Core Personality Traits

Adventurous, optimistic, free-spirited — always be selling? More like Always Be Sagittarius!

The Sagittarius Sales Strategy

Sagittarians are free-spirited and see things as glass-half-full, making them highly persuasive in sales settings. They excel at inspiring clients with big-picture visions and are skilled at adapting to changing circumstances. Sagittarians approach prospecting with enthusiasm and a sense of exploration, seeking out new opportunities with an open mind. However, they should be mindful of their tendency to be overly optimistic or scatterbrained, ensuring they stay grounded in reality when closing deals.

Highly practical signs like Virgo and Scorpio may not respond well the free-wheeling “we’ll figure it out” attitudes of Sagittarians. Be sure to button it up a bit more to ensure the deal runs smoothly — the details will matter.

Aligning With Sagittarius Decision Makers

Sagittarius Decision Makers are adventurous and optimistic, making them receptive to solutions that offer flexibility and scalability. They are most likely to be open to purchasing when they're embarking on a new venture or exploring opportunities for growth. Sales reps should be mindful of Sagittarius' impatience and tendency to overlook details, ensuring they provide clear explanations of how the software can adapt to their evolving needs.

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