Episode 6: Clearbit’s Lead Qualification Engine: Scoring, Buy-In, and Data with Julie Beynon and Colin White

Hosted by
Alexa Grabell

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Clearbit’s Julie Beynon and Colin White talk about how Clearbit's lead qualification engine has matured over time, Clearbit’s process to operationalize lead scoring, their failsafe to keep quality leads from slipping away, and why getting buy-in from GTM teams is just as important as using data to develop ICPs.

Guest Info
Julie Beynon

Julie Beynon is Head of Analytics at Clearbit. Julie was originally in a marketing ops role when she started dabbling in analytics, teaching herself to get the data she needed to do her job. And then she fell in love. Now Julie focuses mostly on analytics engineering at Clearbit, spending her days thinking about how to operationalize all the data that has been previously stuck in their warehouse. 

Colin White

Colin White is Head of Demand Generation at Clearbit. Colin began his career in software engineering but gradually moved on to analytics, marketing ops, and performance marketing. Now, his role heading up demand gen at Clearbit has him working closely with the data Julie produces to gather insights and put those insights into action across marketing and SDR and BDR GTM teams.