Episode 3: Customer Success and Self Serve: Tactics and Strategy with Allison Pickens

Hosted by
Alexa Grabell

In this episode of Unlocking Revenue, Allison Pickens from dbt Labs dives into the role of Customer Success within self-serve models with topics like: the overlap between customers success, sales-assist, and sales, how the role of customer success is not only present but expanding within product-led growth organizations, choosing the right level of simplicity vs. complexity when building your product adoption and expansion journey, and scalable, self-serve tactics that help supplement customer success.

Guest Info
Allison Pickens

Allison Pickens, former COO of Gainsight, is current solo GP, and independent board director at dbt Labs, a product-led, high-growth startup. Allison is also a prolific writer and speaker about customer success and all things related to scaling operations (download the first-ever PLS playbook to see Allison’s awesome insights!)