Episode 5: Product-Led Sales at Retool: the DoorDash Case Study with Eleanor Dorfman

Hosted by
Alexa Grabell

Tune in to hear Eleanor Dorfman’s, Sales Leader at Retool, playbook on building Retool’s sales process (using DoorDash as a real case study), defining Retool’s primary sales channels, and how she structured the sales organization. Eleanor also shares her tips on when to start an outbound sales motion, how to find expansion opportunities, and handling sales compensation.

Guest Info
Eleanor Dorfman

Eleanor Dorfman has been Sales Leader at Retool since November 2020. At that point, there were only about three account executives, one sales engineer, and just a few sales development reps. Today, the sales org has grown to include around 30 AEs, many SEs, and an entire SDR team.

Previously, at the customer data platform Segment, she also worked to build out the company’s customer success operations team before pivoting to creating an expansion sales team, renewals team, and a new business sales team.