GTM 2024 : The next chapter - Pocus 2.0

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About the event

Pocus is now the platform for all of your GTM playbooks, powered by AI. Join us on Wednesday, June 26th, for a conversation with Pocus’ co-founders, Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky and Alexa Grabell. 

We’ll be covering all things GTM, including:

  • The state of GTM in 2024, from challenges to opportunities
  • Emerging trends we’re seeing and how your team can capitalize on them
  • How Pocus is expanding beyond PLS to help all GTM teams succeed

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Alexa Grabell
Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky
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Jun 26

Catch the recordings from past events.

Continuous playbook iteration with Andrew Thompson

Alexa and Andrew Thompson, VP of Sales at Agora, talk through the foundational elements of any good sales playbook, how to build a feedback loop on playbooks, and how to iterate your playbooks.

Building Product-Led Sales foundations with Melissa Ross

Alexa sits down with Melissa Ross, GTM at Heygen, a cutting-edge AI-powered platform revolutionizing the world of video creation. Prior to joining Heygen, Melissa held several senior GTM roles at top PLG companies like Clockwise and Asana.

Evolving from PLG to Product-Led Sales at Intercom with Lisa Schrumpf

Lisa Schrumpf, SVP of Global Sales at Intercom, talks us through how she navigated the change from PLG to PLS.

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