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Connect Pocus to 1000+ new tools

Connect tools like Zapier, Airtable, and Customer.io to Pocus with our new webhook integration.

Alexa Grabell
February 6, 2023
Connect Pocus to 1000+ new tools

You log in to the BI dashboard the data team built for you. You see that a group of users within a target account are using your new feature release an insane amount.

You then open Salesforce to learn more.

You then open Outreach to send those users an email sequence. You remind yourself to check-in again next week.

You open Airtable to track this task in your personal to do list.

You go back to Salesforce and move that account to the next opportunity stage.

Sound familiar?

Working in a modern go-to-market org can sometimes feel like a constant barrage of tab hopping between tools to get your work done. Even with native workflow automation in your CRM, Marketing Automation Platforms, and tools like Zapier, the modern revenue stack can feel like a complex maze slowing down your ability to action insights.

Unlock new data-powered workflows with over 1000+ new integrations

A core principle of the Pocus platform from day one has been to not only surface the best insights, but to make it easier to share those insights across the revenue stack. To be a source of truth that powers go-to-market operations across the entire revenue stack.

It’s why we’ve prioritized integrations to the Data Warehouse to bring in product usage data, CRMs for customer fit and deal progress data, and Sales Engagement/Marketing tools to drive outreach.

Today, we’re excited to make it even easier to connect all of your favorite tools to power insights driven workflows.

You can now connect Pocus to any external tool in your stack that works with Zapier or can accept requests from a webhook.

This new integration unlocks every type of workflow imaginable from connecting to sales tools in your stack, creating data driven marketing campaigns, enriching your ad platforms with product usage data, managing tasks and more.

Flexibility to choose workflows that work for your business

You can’t afford to create silos in a modern go-to-market organization, which is why we’ve focused on building for both breadth and depth with integrations. Using the same set of data insights across the tech stack allows your team to work in sync in their favorite tools.

The possibilities for the data-powered workflows you can create are endless:

  • Push product usage signals or qualifications scores (PQL, PQA) to Salesforce or Hubspot to push deals through the funnel .
  • Create product-usage driven dynamic email sequences in sales and marketing tools like Outreach or Customer.io.
  • Update your paid ads audiences in platforms like LinkedIn or Meta to run highly targetted campaigns to your most product engaged and qualified target accounts.
  • Reduce manual work for RevOps teams to update siloed apps by centralizing insights and making it easy to push or sync those to downstream tools.

How Pocus customers are using our new Webhook integration

The possibilities are nearly endless, learn what popular worklows our customers are already running.

Connect Pocus and Zapier to power any go-to-market workflow

Use the webhook to easily integrate with thousands of tools via Zapier. Use this integration to push signals or scores built in Pocus to downstream tools in your stack.

Use the Zapier integration to power sales, marketing, customer success and ops workflows. To learn more about the Zapier integration and the types of workflows available, book a demo.

Connect Pocus to Customer.io to power product-led marketing workflows

Use product usage data to create behavior driven email marketing sequences. With Pocus, marketing teams can define lead nurturing, lifecycle marketing, and onboarding workflows based on product usage signals or scores.

Make it easier to connect the dots between individual user behavior and account based marketing efforts. Each time a target account reaches a threshold of usage, add power users within the account into a specific ABM sequence in customer.io.

Connect Pocus to Airtable to power go-to-market operations

Whether you want to power your personal productivity or power a database in Airtable, you can do it with data from Pocus.

Keeping track of your task list for top priority customers in Airtable? For example, you could automatically create a new record in your task management base every time a customer’s health score dips below an ideal threshold.

Curious about other integrations like Snowflake, Slack, Outreach, Google Slides, and more?  Book a demo.

Why speed from insight to action matters

Your ability to increase pipeline and close deals hinges directly on your teams ability to move quickly. Sales rep productivity can be the difference between $5M or $1M in revenue. By connecting insights in Pocus to action in other tools, reps can save up to 5+ hours per week that would have been spent digging through data.

Learn more about Pocus and how companies like Webflow, Miro, and Linear use our insights hub to power their revenue engines by requesting a personalized demo.

Rather do the PLG thing? Take the self-guided tour here.

Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus
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