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December Product Update

This past month the team has been working on a ton of improvements to the overall user experience in Pocus and some bigger features we’re excited to share with you in the new year.

Alexa Grabell
December 30, 2022
December Product Update

2022 was a big year for Pocus!

Earlier this year we launched the Pocus dashboard… fast forward 12 months and now we have a powerful suite of tools to operationalize your GTM motion.

We shipped two significant updates to the overall look and feel of the platform, Magic Playbooks, Outreach integration, Google Slides generator, Reverse ETL syncs and so much more. 

This past month the team has been working on a ton of improvements to the overall user experience in Pocus and some bigger features we’re excited to share with you in the new year. 

Outreach Automation Improvements

Next time you try and enroll a user into a sequence in Pocus, you’ll see a pop up asking you to authenticate your Outreach account. By doing this we’ll be able to better track and report on your sequences.

Data Field Usage

Workspace admins: your life just got easier. Ever wanted to delete a field or make an update to a field in your data but worried it would impact your Playbooks or Lists? Now you can see where fields are being used to avoid any unintended errors. 

What else is new?

Comma support

Small but mighty update to filtering in Pocus. You can now copy and paste a comma-separated list into the filter. 

Bug fixes + improvements

  • Reorder action buttons in drilldown views. Move the action buttons you see at the top of drilldowns to any order. 
  • Better error reporting for Outreach enrollment. We’ve made it easier to confirm if a user was correctly enrolled into a sequence. The Outreach pop-up will stay open as your user enrolls into a sequence. If an error occurs, the pop-up will let you know.
  • Compact styling to number widgets. Drilldown number widgets have an updated style that is smaller and more compact.
  • Search for everything. You can now use the search bar on the full-screen table views to match any field shown.

Learn from the best

A successful modern go-to-market motion is multi-channel, experiment-driven, and can be quite complex. It's why we've launched a Playbook Library! One place to access Pocus-powered playbook templates and playbooks for other go-to-market challenges faced by the PLS community.

Check out Playbooks from other Pocus customers in our new library- get inspiration and contribute your own!

Get Started

🪄 Want to see all of this in action? Check out the interactive product tour here or schedule a demo with a PLS expert from the Pocus team.

Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus
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