Introducing Pocus Enrichment

Customers can now access data from 700 million user profiles and 20 million companies in Pocus. No more context switching between tools to find data and enrich leads.

Sandy Mangat
January 23, 2024
Introducing Pocus Enrichment

Modern go-to-market is all about personalization. 

“Show me you know me.”

But paradoxically, we’re also seeing a bigger focus on privacy, Google’s sunsetting cookies, and getting tougher on spam filters, leaving some go-to-market teams scrambling. 

How do you build a pipeline and engage with the right buyers if every platform makes it harder and harder for you?

The key to generating pipeline in 2024 is all about warm outbound, using both 1st and 3rd party data about prospects to engage with the right buyers at the right time

The best go-to-market teams are combining their first-party data with third-party enrichment sources to power their outbound playbooks, and now we’re making it easier for you to do it in one place with Pocus. 

Introducing: Enrichment 

One of the biggest time sinks in the prospecting workflow is researching users and accounts to find valuable insights that can be used to prioritize and personalize sales outreach. Sellers are hopping between their lead lists, sales navigator, 3rd party intent sources (Apollo, ZoomInfo, Lusha, etc.) just to build a better understanding of their prospect. 

We added Enrichment in Pocus to solve exactly that problem.

Customers can now access data from 700 million user profiles and 20 million companies in Pocus. No more context switching between tools to find data, enrich leads without leaving Pocus. 

This update furthers our mission to help go-to-market teams turn their data into revenue. We’ve always believed that the best teams use data to power their workflows. Bringing together your teams’ 1st party data (product usage, customer data) with 3rd party data (job changes, education, etc.) helps teams prioritize the right ICPs, personalize outreach based on the best signals, and saves them time researching ahead of meetings.  

New Playbooks powered by Enrichment data

Customers are using this new access to data to trigger new Playbooks, personalize reps outreach at scale, and improve prioritization. 

New triggers for Playbooks

Pair your product usage and customer data with enrichment data to power new Playbooks. Enrichment data in Pocus unlocks a new set of creative Playbooks for your team to run in 2024. 

Here are some examples of the type of Playbooks you can try:

Target accounts with headcount growth

When to run: Seat based products where headcount growth could mean potential expansion opportunity.

How: Filter accounts with high product usage, strong customer fit, and use Pocus Enrichment to show accounts with recent job postings. 

Find product champions with large audiences

When to run: You’ve got a strong base of loyal fans ready to evangelize the product and help drive referrals.

How: Create a list of product champions and use Pocus Enrichment data to filter by LinkedIn follower count.  

Scale your teams’ personalized outbound

Enrich your existing product users with data about their education, to add a personalized touch to your next outreach. Who doesn’t like to hear from folks with a shared experience? You’ll have a better chance of getting an open and the prospect will appreciate a personalized touch. 

Improve lead and account prioritization 

Use Pocus Enrichment to build signals that help you better prioritize your reps books of business. Use data about recent company job postings to prioritize accounts with growth, or use LinkedIn follower count to find potential influencers in your space.

How it works 

There is no silver bullet when it comes to enrichment. There will always be gaps in data, and some users will go unidentified. Our philosophy on Enrichment is all about surfacing data from multiple sources to give you the best chance at getting the insights you need to power your Playbooks. Access to additional enrichment vendors increases the overall quality of data you use to power sales rep workflows.

Pocus Enrichment is an optional add-on you can toggle on or off. If you have your own enrichment data, use that to power your Playbooks and Scores, or use out-of-the-box data provided by Pocus.  

Here’s a small sample of the data you can expect:

Power high intent Playbooks

When you don’t have enough data or your data is stale, generating pipeline can feel like screaming into the ether and no one is listening. Your reps send thousands of emails and make endless phone calls only for there to be no response on the other end. 

This type of spray-and-pray approach to generating pipeline is dead. The cold outbound methodology popularized by Predictable Revenue doesn’t work in this new era of go-to-market

The new era of go-to-market is all about precision. Precision in who to reach out to and the messaging based on what you know about the buyer. 

Warm > Cold Outbound 

The magic that makes Product-Led Sales such a successful motion for PLG companies is not just that these products are self-serve. The real magic is how the go-to-market motion is geared towards the customers needs and focused on driving value for them. 

Unlike purely cold outbound, most teams running PLS motions are building “warm outbound” playbooks, reaching out to customers in moments where they have high intent. For PLS teams, that intent is typically driven from product usage behaviors like recent spikes in usage of a key feature, inviting their team, or hitting a limit of their plan. 

But warm outbound isn’t just for PLS teams. Sellers in every SaaS business can apply the principles of warm outbound to their outreach. It all starts with data. 

Power your high-intent Playbooks with Pocus. Bring your customer data, and we’ll bring the buying signals to help your reps prioritize the best opportunities and take quick action.


Sandy Mangat
Head of Marketing at Pocus
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