Modern RevOps with Miro, Loom, and ngrok

Join revenue leaders at best-in-class PLG companies for tips and insights on what high-performing RevOps teams do and how they make it happen.

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About the event

RevOps: The engine that powers GTM

RevOps, although critical, is an evolving function. The role varies from company to company, making it hard to define RevOps’ role, goals, and responsibilities. During this panel discussion, revenue leaders at best-in-class PLG companies (Miro, Loom, ngrok) will give their take on what high-performing RevOps teams do and how they make it happen.

We’ll also dive into strategic topics, centering on the challenges RevOps teams face when balancing multiple pipelines in mature PLS motions.

What you'll learn

Modern RevOps foundations

Roles, responsibilities, and tactics to maintain alignment.

Scaling the RevOps function

Hiring, enablement, and rep adoption.

RevOps strategy

Intent signals, advanced scoring models, and prioritizing growth channel investments.

Eugene Berson
Head of Sales Operations
Alexandria Riggs
Director of Revenue Operations
Will Waggenspack
Director of Business and Revenue Operations
Amy Lin
Head of Revenue Operations
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