Announcing our first cohort of Product-Led Sales Ambassadors

Highlighting the people helping us build the category of Product-Led Sales.
Sandy Mangat
July 19, 2022
Announcing our first cohort of Product-Led Sales Ambassadors

Today, we’re celebrating another exciting milestone for the Product-Led Sales (PLS) Community, introducing our inaugural cohort of PLS Community Ambassadors!

It was only a year ago when we started this community with a 20-person slack group and PLS was just an idea. 

To now… 

  • The community is over 1400+ members strong with over 30% of members actively engaging every week.
  • Product-Led Sales has been established as a category with roles cropping up for Head of PLS at some of the most well-known PLG brands. 
  • Last month we celebrated one year since we started building the PLS community with our very first in-person community event. 

It’s amazing to see firsthand how the community continues to evolve organically. 

I am excited about this next evolution for the community. Category creation can’t be done alone and for Pocus, there have been members of the community who have been helping behind the scenes for many months. We wanted to formally recognize these unsung heroes of the Product-Led Sales movement, who have been sharing their frameworks, advice, and facilitating the necessary work to establish PLS best practices with us.  

Introducing the very first PLS Community Ambassador cohort

The Product-Led Sales Community Ambassador program highlights thought leaders who have gone above and beyond to share their expertise, have helped to create a respectful and fun learning environment, and represent the core values of the PLS community. 

The ambassador program is by invitation only and our first cohort of ambassadors was carefully selected for their unique perspectives and thought leadership in the space. 

Let’s meet the ambassadors…

Aaron Geller

Aaron is VP of Revenue at QuickNode, which provides tools & infrastructure to build and scale high-quality blockchain apps, trusted by the biggest names in Web3. Aaron has held leadership roles at several leading PLG companies, prior to QuickNode he was Director of Sales at Cypress, Biz Dev leader at DigitalOcean, and a proud PQL proponent.

Connect with Aaron in the community and ask him about…

  • Product-Qualified Leads 
  • Building sales teams 
  • How to structure your Product-Led Sales motion
  • Web3

Read some of Aaron’s work:

Follow him on LinkedIn.

Alfie Marsh 

Alfie is the Head of US GTM at Spendesk, Series C B2B FinTech. Offering corporate card and expense management software to SMBs. Employee #20 at Spendesk and the first employee in the UK market. Hired to launch the UK market from 0-1 with a sales-led go-to-market. Subsequently moved to San Francisco to launch Spendesk in the US where I now specialize as a cross functional GM  across sales, customer success, marketing, and product where we are spearheading the PLG GTM motion.

Connect with Alfie in the community and ask him about…

  • Outbound sales 
  • Sales leadership
  • International Expansion

Read some of Alfie’s work:

Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and check out his Rocket GTM newsletter.

Melissa Ross

Melissa Ross is the head of Product-Led Sales at Clockwise, where she focuses on empowering teams to get the most productive time out of each day. A problem-solver by nature, she has focused her career on bringing to market products that improve the daily lives of knowledge workers. She first fell in love with PLS before it was called "PLS" back at LinkedIn, where she was one of the earliest sellers of Sales Navigator, and then again at Asana, where she built multiple teams across different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Connect with Melissa in the community and ask her about…

  • Product-Led Sales Strategy 
  • How to use product usage data in your sales workflows

Read some of Melissa’s work:

Follow her on LinkedIn.

Natalie Marcotullio

Natalie Marcotullio is the Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic, where she focuses on helping SaaS companies give their prospects a better buying experience. She has a background in SEO and digital marketing for B2B sales and marketing SaaS. Over the years her focus has shifted to full-funnel marketing and improving the digital buyer experience.

Connect with Natalie in the community and ask her about…

  • Product focused marketing
  • B2B SaaS go-to-market
  • SEO and SEM 

Read some of Natalie’s work:

Follow her on LinkedIn.

Sara Archer

Sara is VP of Sales at ChartMogul, a category-leading solution for extracting value from subscription data. She’s an American living in Germany. Loves SaaS sales, new music, and Tottenham Hotspurs. 

Connect with Sara in the community and ask her about…

  • Sales strategy and leadership
  • Sales operations 
  • SaaS metrics and benchmarking data
  • Sales compensation

Read some of Sara’s work:

Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Want to become an ambassador?

Membership in the program is by invitation only. We carefully selected each and every ambassador for this inaugural cohort because they each provide a unique perspective and have demonstrated thought leadership in Product-Led Sales. To be considered for an ambassador role you must be a member of the community, frequently contribute high quality content in Slack or during meetups, and above all you contribute respectfully with kindness for fellow community members.

If you’re thinking about Product-Led Sales or just want to be more data-driven in your GTM motion, we want to hear from you. Join our growing community by requesting an invite here.

Announcing our first cohort of Product-Led Sales Ambassadors
Sandy Mangat
Head of Marketing at Pocus
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