Introducing AI Prospector

Streamline your prospecting workflows with the power of AI.

Sandy Mangat
June 5, 2024
Introducing AI Prospector

The average rep will spend hours per week on prospecting and over half of that time will be spent on things other than selling. 

Prospecting workflows are broken. 

Reps are spending hours per week chasing the right contacts, digging for insights, finding the optimal path into accounts, rather than focusing on strategic tasks like building a narrative or doing strategic outbound. 

This is why we’re excited to launch our latest feature, AI Prospector. 

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  • The challenges with modern prospecting
  • What is AI Prospector
  • How are teams using AI prospector today

Prospecting from a blank slate

Each round of prospecting for a rep starts with a blank screen. A search bar in the data tool of choice (Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, Lusha, etc). They tediously build filters to create a list of prospects and then go to another tool to dig for more insights, are they in the CRM, did they recently visit our website, what do I know about this contact. This process is not only time consuming, but lacks the important context around how potential prospects have engaged with the company before. There’s a ton of untapped data reps could be using to help them prioritize their leads.

On top of this, the lack of consistency in tool usage between reps makes it hard to run experiments and track performance of different strategies for leadership. There’s no easy way to copy and paste what your best reps are doing across the org because every reps workflow is so different.  

The ultimate result is wasted time from reps, missed pipeline goals, and challenges in scaling. 

AI Prospector - generate pipeline like magic 

Introducing our answer to all of your prospecting problems. No more disjointed workflows. Instead, surface everything you need to know about an account in one place. Access data about the full customer journey and find key contacts without opening another too. With AI prospector, we surface the best paths into an account based on network connections, intent, and fit. Use this data to find the best contacts and create higher-quality personalized outreach. 

AI Intros 

No more blank screen problem. 

Pocus recommends the optimal path into an account based on existing network connections. Our AI analyzes all possible paths into an account and makes a recommendation based on strength of the connection. Past product champions, previous team members, and other mutual connections give reps the best opportunity to navigate the org and get a meeting booked. 

AI intros can even help with existing deals or customers. Use the AI recommendations to multi-thread within an account to strengthen your position within an account.

Find the right leads

Not finding what you’re looking for? Use powerful yet simple filtering to quickly find decision makers or multi-thread to other departments. Pocus connects to 14+ data providers to give you access to every contact. 

Enrichment out-of-the-box

Found the perfect leads for outbound? Get everything you need to know including their email directly in Pocus, no need to jump to another tool.

Complete 360° view 

Become an expert in every prospect and customer with access to a 360° view of their key metrics, signals, and aggregated activity. 

Get insights into product usage metrics, marketing engagement, or any other key data or signals in one place. This view is fully customizable to your needs, drag and drop new metrics or charts to build the perfect insights for your team.  See high-level KPIs like seat utilization or specific feature usage and dive into specific power users or champions within an account. Study customer trends and get a clear visual of historical data to improve every customer interaction.

How customers are using AI Prospector

Customers are using AI prospectors to power workflows across the entire customer journey, from building pipeline to closing new business, expanding, and retaining customers. Broken down simply, customers use AI prospector to run 2 primary workflows:

Find the right contacts:  Going from prioritized list of accounts to finding the right contacts often means jumping between internal admin tools, spreadsheets, enrichment tools and more. AI Prospector intelligently organizes your existing contacts, product champions and potential new intros in one place.

Faster account research & planning: Help reps build a strategic POV based on an account or contacts key signals. Easily analyze relevant signals like product usage, website visits, and more to build a narrative before a meeting or sending a personalized sequence.

Customer use cases: 

  • Generate pipeline through network: Unlock a new source of intros into your book of business. You’re more likely to get a positive response from outreach through a network connection. Whether it’s a job switcher or team connection, we’ll surface your best path into the account to secure that meeting. 
  • Warm outbound to website visitors: Prospect into accounts with high-intent signals like a pricing page visit faster. Go from account surfaced to finding the right contacts and reaching out without opening another tab. 
  • Strengthen deals with multi-threading: The best deals are multi-threaded and the best reps are on top of building relationships within their book of business. Identify and reach out to net new contacts to strengthen existing deals and nurture potential future champions. 
  • Reach executives to move upmarket: For PLG companies the move upmarket often requires relationships outside the use base with C-suite executives who hold budgets. These leaders are typically not product users. Use Prospector to find exec contacts, build a compelling POV on the account, and connect with product champions who can validate all without leaving Pocus. 

Why we built AI Prospector

We heard from customers that reps love prospecting in Pocus because it solves the toggle tax problem. Before using Pocus, reps would spend hours prioritizing their accounts, researching across tools, and then go hunting for contact information. By using Pocus, reps could easily find their top opportunities and contacts from their existing product user base. 

We wanted to make life even easier for reps by extending that seamlessness to other prospecting workflows. With AI prospector reps can warm prospect into product users, multi-thread to new contacts within existing accounts, and power their cold outbound efforts with one tool instead of seven. 

Get started with AI Prospector

Stop context-switching between your warm and cold outbound tools, use AI Prospector to consolidate workflows, and reach the right contacts every time. 


Sandy Mangat
Head of Marketing at Pocus
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