Product updates: AI-powered prospecting, research, and playbook optimization

Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky
June 10, 2024
Product updates: AI-powered prospecting, research, and playbook optimization

Today’s the day! I’m excited to unveil the next evolution of Pocus to help ALL companies (not just PLG) effectively turn data into revenue.

As Alexa shared in her blog post, go-to-market in 2024 is broken. Bad data leads to bad signals for reps, disjointed prospecting flows lead to rep inefficiencies, and lack of consistency leads to unproductive reps.

We’ve set out to solve these problems for go-to-market teams with a platform that equips reps with the best data and workflows so they can focus on being strategic sellers. 

With this latest launch, we’ve invested heavily to make Pocus a complete platform to tackle the most important GTM workflows.

Key features in this launch:

  • Waterfall Enrichment: Access data from 14+ providers out-of-the box in Pocus 
  • AI Prospector: Take the guesswork out of prospecting. Get AI recommendations for the best path into accounts.  
  • Playbook builder: Build any type of Playbook powered by signals in Pocus.  
  • Templates: Don’t struggle with a blank slate, start with tested and proven Playbook templates. 

In this blog, I’ll walk you through the enhanced platform, including exciting new features and capabilities. 

Pocus: All of your GTM playbooks, powered by AI

Build pipeline and close more revenue, consistently. Transform rep workflows from siloed to streamlined with AI-powered prospecting, research, and playbook optimization. Pocus helps you run the right GTM playbooks, powered by AI.

We’ve simplified the platform to focus on 3 core workflows:

  • Enrich: Unify customer identity across your data.
  • Engage: Prioritize, analyze, and reach out when you get the right signal.
  • Optimize: Copy and paste your best reps and playbooks. 


As Alexa discussed in her post, we’re in a new era of GTM where cold spray and pray tactics no longer work. In a noisy world, the best GTM teams use data to discover prospects and customers showing intent. 

However, giving GTM access to actionable intent data is easier said than done. RevOps teams spend a ton of time and money to enrich their 1st party data with buying signals only to see middling results.

  • High cost, low match rates: teams often sign contracts with multiple vendors to complete the data picture, but may still not get the match rates they desire.  
  • Black box intent signals: 3rd party vendors that offer “buying intent” enrichment are opaque and don’t give any visibility into what that “intent” means.   
  • Stale data, hard to action: Reps often struggle to get accurate data due to staleness, which slows down ability to action that information. 

Here’s what we built to combat these problems.

Support for more signals

Capture every important signal across the life of a customer from the first touch with your brand to the moment they renew.

We’ve always supported our customers with best-in-class integrations to ingest their 1st party data. We currently support all major data warehouses, CRMs, marketing platforms, and anywhere you have critical product or customer data (even Google Sheets!). 

With the release of our platform update, you’ll also get access to new out-of-the-box signals from Pocus, 3rd party signals from your favorite vendors in our Signal Marketplace, and (coming soon) the ability to create custom signals using AI. 

  • 1st party: Data you own or collect about your customers like product usage (data warehouse), account data (CRM), marketing data (MAP), and website visitors (Pocus Snippet). 
  • Pocus Signals (Out-of-the-Box): We connect to 14+ vendors to offer the best enrichment to unlock even more signals. 
  • 3rd party (Signal Marketplace): Bring your own signals by connecting your favorite providers from our Signal Marketplace like G2 review data, Crunchbase funding, interactive demo engagement, open source activity, and more. 

Waterfall Enrichment 

We interviewed 50+ revenue leaders and none of them were happy with the current state of enrichment. No one should have to negotiate multiple contracts and manage the complexity of multiple data platforms just to get a complete picture of customers. 

We are now offering out-of-the box enrichment to all Pocus customers. We combine the best data from 14+ data sources to offer you the best possible enrichment match rates.  

We’ll be announcing even more exciting updates to our investment in enrichment soon. (👀 Hint: it’s about custom enrichment workflows using AI)

Unified Customer Profile

The ultimate result of our investment in better, more accurate data for customers? A complete 360-degree view of prospects and customers, capturing all of the important signals across their buying journey. Pocus’s powerful unified customer profile automatically de-duplicates and merges even the messiest data from your CRM, data warehouse, third-party data sources, and more.

Build powerful signal-based playbooks, trigger automated outbound, score users or accounts, and more.  


The goal of bringing together data centrally is to help reps prioritize and engage the best opportunities at the right time. So we invested in fixing broken prospecting workflows and simplifying the way teams build their signal-based playbooks. 

AI Prospector

Prospecting workflows for most reps are too disjointed. Reps are expected to take their book of business and go hunting for relevant signals for personalization, the right contacts, and their contact information. 

No more disjointed workflows. Instead, surface existing contacts and find net new contacts all in one place. With AI prospector, we surface reps the best paths into an account based on network connections, intent, and fit. Use this data to find the best contact and create better-personalized outreach. 

  • Network connections: Pocus recommends the optimal path into an account based on existing network connections like past colleagues or job switchers.
  • Find any contact: Not finding what you’re looking for? Use powerful yet simple filtering to quickly find decision makers or multi-thread to other departments. 
  • Reveal emails: Found the perfect leads for outbound? Get their email directly in Pocus, no need to jump to another tool. 

Playbook builder 

As teams look to build more complex workflows in Pocus, we felt they needed better tools. We’ve redesigned our Playbook experience to make it both easier to get started with out-of-the box playbooks and an advanced builder for RevOps teams. Build signal-based playbooks to capitalize on timely triggers, journey-based playbooks to manage key milestones, and operations playbooks to keep the entire stack synced.

  • Easy-to-use templates (coming soon): Choose from a common set of proven playbook templates (website visitors, job switchers, trial ending, etc.) tested over the last three years with the best enterprise GTM teams.
  • Visual workflow builder: Easily configure complex workflows that account for scoring, routing, and automation. Create conditional (IF/THEN) branched workflows with both automated and rep actions. 

Inbox experience updates

Same beloved inbox experience, even smarter than before. 

  • Prioritized to do list: Each playbook within the inbox is designed to be easily scanned for reps to take quick action. Hover over scores to see why these are your top opportunities or filter down the list using key signals like “product champion” or “decision maker.” 
  • Easily sort, filter, action: Slice and dice leads with easy filtering to get the perfect view. Take quick action like bulk enrolling into a sales engagement sequence. 
  • Feedback loop: Give reps the opportunity to provide feedback. Use the new disqualify feature to close the loop between the field and your RevOps team.
Unlock more playbooks: Take the guesswork out of prospecting for reps with even more playbooks to keep them busy with high-intent leads. Try out a website visitor playbook or job switcher playbook to find new channels to build qualified pipeline. 


You can mine for the best signals and send the best outreach, but it will mean nothing if you can’t accurately measure its impact on goals. If your team is experimenting with new playbooks you need visibility into how those playbooks convert. 

Performance Reporting 

Struggling to understand which signals are predictive of conversion? Which reps are actioning their playbooks best? With performance reporting in Pocus you get visibility into your best playbooks and reps, allowing you to easily copy and paste what works. 

  • Goal conversion insights: Easily get visibility into what playbooks are performing well and where you might need iteration.
  • Rep and team level performance: See how individual reps are performing so you can tune playbooks and coach reps for more repeatability.
  • AI recommendations: One-click AI playbook recommendations. Get suggestions based on your own data. 

Get started

Want to transform your go-to-market motion with high-intent signals? Request a demo to see everything in action. 

Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky
CTO & Co-founder @ Pocus
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