Boost rep performance and drive consistency with Pocus Coaching

Our new feature empowers managers to coach, reward, and optimize rep performance against their Product-Led Sales goals.

Alexa Grabell
May 25, 2023
Boost rep performance and drive consistency with Pocus Coaching

Sales 🤝sports analogy 

Building a Product-Led Sales motion is like forming a brand new sports team. You’ve got veteran players, rookies, and coaches all trying to figure out how to run the playbooks and get some wins. 

Knowing what playbooks to run is only half the battle, you also need to know how to train your team to run those playbooks effectively.

There’s a reason why sports analogies work so well in sales. Like any high-performance sport, to win (deals), consistently, you need great training. Especially when running new and sometimes experimental Product-Led Sales playbooks, visibility into how the team performs is crucial. 

Managers need to be able to answer questions like: 

  • Which reps are meeting SLAs on playbooks assigned to them?
  • How many opportunities are my best reps actioning? 
  • Which reps are falling behind, and why? 

These questions are crucial for building a successful Product-Led Sales motion because they help sales leaders audit their motion and find areas for optimization. 

To find the answers, sales leaders have been manually digging for data across various tools and stitching that data together with qualitative feedback for reps. This process is time consuming, challenging, and often, incomplete. 

This is why we built Pocus Coaching, to demystify one of the most important levers in your Product-Led Sales engine - rep performance. 

What is Coaching? 

Creating a successful Product-Led Sales motion isn’t just about surfacing insights to your reps, you have to actively enable and train reps to take the right actions. 

Once your Playbooks are set up in Pocus, reps can easily see their top priorities surfaced in their inbox. But how do you know that your reps are taking the appropriate actions on those opportunities? Is the Playbook not optimized or does your rep need more training? How do you keep reps accountable to Playbooks or measure which reps, teams, and Playbooks are hitting their goals? 

Pocus coaching
Pocus coaching

With Pocus Coaching, sales managers can see individual rep and team level performance to understand exactly which Playbooks are working, how reps are actioning opportunities surfaced from those Playbooks, and which reps may need some additional training. 

We built Coaching to make it easier for sales managers to do the intangible hard work of making PLS successful - training teams for repeatability, consistency and ultimately scale. Coaching takes the guesswork out of whether your Playbooks need tuning or your reps need training. Get visibility into both to inform how to iterate on your motion, what new training needs to be created, and which reps should get rewarded for their work.  

How sales leaders use Coaching in Pocus

With any sales strategy the goal is to first experiment and then drive repeatability. Coaching allows you to analyze and understand how reps are performing within the playbooks they are assigned. Instead of digging for this data across many tools or guessing which reps and Playbooks are performing well, Coaching gives managers granular insights in one place.

Pocus coaching

Managers in Pocus have access to the Coaching view, giving them visibility into each rep and how they are performing. Reps who are meeting their Playbooks SLA, actioning opportunities, and showing a positive impact on goals will get marked as high performers. Reps who are lagging behind will get marked as needing more Coaching. 

How it works

Coaching uses data about actions reps take in their Pocus Inbox and how frequently they are clearing their inboxes to surface performance insights for managers. 

Managers can use the Coaching view to see: 

  • Rep performance at-a-glance: Visualize how the entire team is doing at-a-glance with a snapshot of individual performance. 
  • Rep performance within specific Playbooks: See which Reps are meeting their Playbook goals and triage Playbooks that even high performers aren’t able to convert. 
  • Reps’ Inbox and unactioned opportunities: Managers can see the actual opportunities being surfaced within a rep’s Inbox, which can be useful during 1:1 coaching sessions. 
Pocus coaching

Managers can use these insights to reward top-performing reps, coach underperformers, and create more accountability and consistency in Playbooks overall. Managers can have grounded conversations with reps based on data instead of guessing at which Product-Led Sales Playbooks are successful and confidently set benchmarks for the team moving forward. 

How customers like Loom use Coaching 

As teams experiment with Product-Led Sales, it’s important for sales leadership to understand how to best iterate on the motion. This might mean adjusting playbooks, but oftentimes it’s a matter of enablement. 

Coaching unlocks a new level of insight for managers to better enable their teams on running Product-Led Sales Playbooks within Pocus. Taylor Gibson, Head of Sales at Loom shared the struggle to get this level of granularity in their existing tools.

“Before, sales leadership would spend time looking through reps’ books of business in Salesforce and manually asking them questions about the plays they ran and the outcomes.”

Now with Pocus, Taylor can easily see rep performance in a few clicks.

“Pocus allows us to drilldown into each individual rep to see the Playbooks they are running, what signals were available to them, and how they performed. It’s been helpful to not only see what’s working, but drive the right rep behavior.”

Copy and paste their best reps performance 

See what opportunities are being surfaced to reps, how many they are actioning, and within what timeframe. Use these insights to coach reps, improve their productivity, and hit goals with more consistency.

Create more accountability for speed to lead

Hold reps accountable to SLAs. Timing is everything, don’t let Playbooks go stale because of slow response times from reps.

Data-driven training  

Spend more time coaching and less time trying to find the right data to benchmark the team. Get all the insights you need to see how reps are performing so you can easily build a data-driven coaching strategy — in one place.

Repeatability and consistency

Use insights about top performing reps to coach the rest of the team for consistency. Use data to keep the entire team accountable to their playbooks and drive repeatability in the motion.

Rapid experimentation 

Use rep performance to inform the next stage of your strategy. Use these insights to experiment with new Playbooks, adjust existing ones, or sunset Playbooks that even your best reps are struggling to move forward.

Get Coaching for your PLS team

Because even Michael Jordan needed a coach. 


About the author
Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus
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