Introducing Activity Widget

Modern go-to-market strategy is multi-channel and complex. The Activity Widget makes it easy for you to see the buyer’s journey and track progress on your efforts to engage.

Sandy Mangat
November 15, 2023
Introducing Activity Widget

If you’re lucky, getting in front of the right decision-maker can be as easy as a single well-timed email, but more often than not, getting that conversion, expansion, or upsell done requires a multi-threaded multi-playbook approach. 

The buyer journey is complex, especially for product-led teams who often drive sales bottoms-up through power users and top-down by multi-threading the executive buying committee. So, how do teams keep track of all this activity happening at the user and account level? 

When you’re running multiple playbooks, it can be easy to get lost. Are we getting in front of the decision-maker for the upsell conversation? How is the seat expansion going? Did we contact all of the new trial users within this account?

Teams need better visibility to not only track progress, but also to make sure no wires get crossed in the pursuit of multiple goals. 

Sound like something you need? With Pocus’ new feature, Activity Widget, you’ll have a clear picture of the customer’s journey every time. 

Introducing: Activity Widget

See everything that has happened along a customer’s journey. The Activity Widget gives your team complete visibility into recent activity like power users added to an outreach sequence, an account that recently met a goal, or an update made in the CRM.

See activity across objects to power account-based workflows. For example, at the account level, reps can see activity at the user, workspace, or team level, making it easier to orchestrate multiple playbooks or multiple teams on a single account. 

How are customers using Activity Widget

The Activity Widget is above all else a window into the complex product-led customer journey, allowing you to see all the actions taken by your team and their impact on progress towards key milestones. Because of its flexibility, we’ve seen customers use the Activity Widget for a few different use cases: 

Power Account-Based Workflows

Many assume that the Product-Led Sales motion is an inherently user-led workflow, where reps engage primarily with Product-Qualified Leads. While PQLs are one type of lead Pocus customers track, many are taking an account-based approach, with multiple Playbooks running at both the user and account levels. The outcome drives a specific goal for that account, like seat expansion, upsell to a higher-tiered plan, or conversion from free to paid. 

In account-based marketing and sales, understanding the collective activities at the account level is key. Whether you've enrolled users into sequences or you track overall engagement, the Activity Widget offers a consolidated view of all account-related activities. 

Win/Loss Research

A question we often get from customers who are building their PLS motion is “what Playbooks should I be running?” “What action should my team be taking?” The best place to start? Look at what’s been working. We do this analysis upfront with customers, but it’s also important to do continuous research to audit which actions lead to the best results. 

Recently won an expansion deal and want to understand why. The Activity Widget gives insight into all of the efforts by your team to get the win. On the flip side, use The Activity Widget to dive deep on deal progress or the milestones before a deal is lost. Access to activity data can help marketing teams craft better messaging, while RevOps and leadership can iterate on Playbooks.

Audit Activity

Audits are a critical aspect of any business operation, albeit less glamorous. The Activity Widget simplifies this process for customers by offering a visual overview of activities on any given object, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple dashboards, spreadsheets, and tools. Customers are saving time and catching potential problems more proactively. Don’t end up in a situation where your teams unknowingly spam an account or double up efforts unnecessarily. 

How it works 

Pocus users can easily add the Activity Widget to their Drilldown. Open the Drilldown editor to drag and drop this new widget into your existing Drilldown to instantly see: 

  • Which Playbooks the record was enrolled in
  • Any goals met by that record
  • Any actions taken in Pocus on that record (i.e added to sequence, snoozed, marked done)

Key features

Make it easy for your team to see critical moments along the customer journey without any engineering work required. 

  • Comprehensive Activity Tracking: Monitor every action taken, such as updates in CRM, addition to sequences, or setting of new goals.
  • Eligibility Alerts for Playbooks: Stay informed when a user or account becomes eligible for a Playbook.
  • Milestone Highlights: Easily identify important milestones in a user or account journey.

See it in action


Sandy Mangat
Head of Marketing at Pocus
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