Pocus and Gong Announce Partnership

Pocus and Gong are doubling down on our vision to help teams fuel their data-driven go-to-market playbooks.

Alexa Grabell
April 11, 2024
Pocus and Gong Announce Partnership

Sales engagement typically holds a top spot in most GTM teams' tech stack. Despite the increasing noise, email is still one of the most effective channels for engaging customers.

The best GTM teams know that getting the best result from email outreach is less about what you say but who you say it to and when.

Often who and when is more important than the what, so it’s crucial to have tools in your stack that make it easy to take action quickly.

It’s why we’re excited to introduce our integration with Gong’s Engage solution.

Pocus + Gong Engage

Power personalized outreach by connecting Pocus and Gong Engage.

When high-intent leads are surfaced in Pocus, choose either to automatically send those leads into Gong Engage or surface for reps in their Pocus inbox.

What is Gong Engage?

Gong Engage is a new sales engagement product powered by AI. Engage helps teams create and accelerate pipeline by delivering increased productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance, high-quality outreach to engage entire accounts, and a single sales engagement solution to streamline revenue workflows.

How customers use Pocus + Gong Engage

Pocus customers using Gong Engage, see boosts in open rates, replies, and pipeline generated through a targeted approach that prioritizes your warmest leads.

Faster warm prospecting

Connect Pocus and Gong to put warm prospecting on easy mode for reps. With Pocus, reps get a prioritized list of their top opportunities based on product usage insights, so they only worry about using that data to personalize their messaging.

Personalization at scale

Improve the quality of your outreach and deliver a better experience for buyers and customers. Use product usage insights from Pocus to understand who you are reaching out to in Engage and why they should care.

Automate signal-based outreach

Do you know that specific actions correlate with higher conversions? Deliver the right message at the right time to your perfect prospects. Build automations in Pocus that add contacts to an Engage sequence whenever specific criteria are met, like hitting a usage limit, approaching a paywall, or a senior user just joined the workspace.

Drive consistency

Want more control over which Engage sequences a rep can use? Easily prescribe which Engage sequences reps should use for any given signal. Knowing which messaging to use for a specific trigger event or lead type often lives in offline documentation. With Pocus, you can build this logic into your rep's inbox so they only see the leads, insights, and actions you decide.

Learn more about how our integration with Gong Engage works here.

An exciting new partnership

Pocus and Gong are doubling down on our joint vision to help fuel revenue engines everywhere.

Together, we plan to support enterprise customers in maximizing their tech stack investment to help reps be more productive and make pipeline more predictable.

“The way revenue teams go-to-market is changing, there has never been greater opportunity to be truly data-driven. Sales leaders need the ability to easily equip reps with intent signals to help focus their selling efforts on only the opportunities with the highest propensity to close.” Says Eran Eloni, EVP of Ecosystem at Gong.  “By partnering with Pocus we unlock powerful product usage signals to help our mutual customers drive more revenue.“

Get Started

If you’re looking to harness data + AI to help your reps be more productive, ensure a more predictable pipeline, and support growth – explore our joint solution.

Request a demo to learn more 👇


Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus
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