Pocus + Salesloft Integration

Personalize Salesloft cadences with product usage insights from Pocus. Get in front of the right customers with a perfectly timed, personalized message.

Sandy Mangat
October 19, 2023
Pocus + Salesloft Integration

How do you both maximize volume and personalization in your prospecting? It’s a problem faced by almost every PLG organization. 

The typical workflow for an SDR/BDR or full cycle AE at a PLG company might look like:

  • Flipping between CRM and BI tools to sift through a mountain of leads 
  • Use whatever data is available to prioritize leads (many of whom may not be qualified) 
  • Jump into an outreach tool to start adding them to cadences 
  • Add the right contacts and personalize messaging 

How can we expect reps to do all this at scale across hundreds (or even thousands) of weekly sign-ups? 

Cut through the noise with Pocus + Salesloft. 

Introducing: Salesloft Integration

Pocus allows you to add users directly to a Salesloft cadence in one click. Reps can send high-priority leads that land in their Inbox directly to a curated list of Salesloft cadences. 

Product usage data is the best form of intent reps have to time their outreach and personalize messages that resonate with their buyers. Most teams struggle to surface these insights to reps in an actionable format. 

How customers use Pocus + Salesloft

Customers are customizing Salesloft cadences to align with the Playbooks running in Pocus. For example, customers create bespoke cadences for free trial users ready to upgrade or a cadence aimed at senior decision-makers ready for expansion. 

Warm prospecting with speed

Connect Pocus and Salesloft to put warm prospecting on easy mode for reps. No more digging around various tools. With Pocus, reps get a prioritized list of their top opportunities based on product usage insights, so they only worry about using that data to personalize their messaging. 

Personalization at scale

Improve the quality of your outreach and deliver a better experience for buyers and customers. Use product usage insights to understand who you are reaching out to and why they should care. 

Automate signal-based cadences

Do you know that specific actions correlate with higher conversions? Reach out at the right moment every time by automating cadences. Build automations in Pocus that add contacts to a cadence whenever specific criteria are met, like hitting a usage limit, approaching a paywall, or a senior user just joined the workspace. 

Drive consistency in playbooks

Want more control over which cadences a rep can use? Set up your reps Inbox in Pocus to only allow adding to specific cadences you pre-define. Knowing which cadence to use for a specific trigger event or lead type often lives in offline documentation. With Pocus, you can build this logic into your rep's inbox so they only see the leads, insights, and actions you decide. 

How it works

A typical workflow for a rep will be to check their Inbox every morning for their highest priority leads (organized by Playbook). Each Playbook will have a curated set of Actions the rep can take on the account, including ‘Add to Salesloft Cadence.’‍

When the rep clicks ‘Add to Salesloft Cadence’, they’ll either see a popup menu with cadence options (defined during the configuration of Playbooks) or get added directly to the cadence if only one option exists.

Reps can also take bulk actions by adding multiple contacts to a cadence at a time.  

Get Started

Simply connect your Salesloft account to Pocus to get started. Learn more about the integration here. 

Not a Pocus customer? Request a demo 👇


About the author
Sandy Mangat
Head of Marketing at Pocus
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