Introducing Pocus’ Signal Marketplace

Making it easier than ever to find and action all of the most important signals for your GTM team in one place.

Meredith McManus
June 25, 2024
Introducing Pocus’ Signal Marketplace

Introducing Pocus’ Signal Marketplace

For too long the mantra in GTM has been more: more data, more tools, more outbound. But we know that ‘more’ hasn’t translated to better. One area we see this play out over and over is with signal-based selling. 

GTM teams get excited by the promise of signals but end up overwhelmed by the volume of data with no way to prioritize what matters. Ironically teams end up using signals to do the same transactional ‘spray and pray’ high-volume outbound but now powered by ‘signals.’

Signals can’t exist in a silo and not every signal is created equal. 

The best GTM teams are hungry to become more data-driven and strategic in their use of signals. They know access to the right signals at the right time can help them drive pipeline and grow revenue. That’s why we’re launching a marketplace of signal vendors to make it even easier to build the best playbooks, powered by 1st party and 3rd party data.

Decoding signals

So, what are signals and how do you use them in your GTM playbooks? Simply put, signals are indications that a prospect or customer is ready to engage or is showing intent. Signals can be used across the entire customer journey to help your GTM team reach out at the right time and personalize outreach. 


Pocus offers native integrations for both 1st party and 3rd party signals that are critical for building your GTM playbooks. 

  • 1st party signals: This is data you own that was collected from a user engaging with your product or a prospect engaging with your brand. We natively integrate with your data warehouse, CRM, or even Google Sheets to get access to 1st party signals like product usage, customer data, marketing data, and more.
  • 3rd party signals: This is data from a 3rd party provider. You don’t own this data and it is typically used to complete user profiles (enrichment data) or infer buying signals (intent data). Pocus customers get access to waterfall enrichment, which unlocks 14+ data providers out-of-the-box. 

Via Partners

But what about that niche signal that is relevant to your business? We realized that so many of our customers wanted to BYOS (Bring Your Own Signal), so with the launch of our Signal Marketplace you can now integrate hundreds more signals. 

Introducing the Pocus Signal Marketplace

Some of the best signals often come from the tools you already use during the sales cycle. But with so many point solutions, it can be a struggle to get a holistic view of the signals you have. Now you can ditch hacked together solutions and see all of your most valuable signals in Pocus.

We’ve built the Signal Marketplace to give customers the flexibility to bring the signals they want. We’ve even co-created playbooks with Signal Partners to help you get started. 

Founding Signal Marketplace Partners

We’re excited to launch with a curated list of founding companies in key signal categories! 

We’ve listed them below, but you can also browse the listings directly in the Marketplace itself.


Aligned gives you everything you need to win, all in one place. Create a virtual sales room for each deal, share the most up-to-date content, and streamline all discussions into topics. Align helps you remove buyer friction so you win more deals.


Arcade enables sales teams to tailor demos for specific prospects and create multiple journeys — all with zero code. Create engaging, personalized demos in minutes to win buyers early, showcase your product, and accelerate sales cycles. Arcade does the heavy lifting, so whether you’re tailoring for one or one hundred, it’s all from one demo.


Aware helps you grow your pipeline faster with authentic, genuine LinkedIn engagement. With Aware you can monitor engagement and growth activity across your team, individually and as a whole. Build dynamic lists and curated feeds so you never miss a post or comment. Keep track of your inbound and outbound engagements over time and across content. See which of your posts are getting the most engagement. And sync everything to Pocus, Salesforce, or Hubspot.


Clari's industry-leading, AI-powered Revenue Platform is purpose-built to help companies optimize the end-to-end revenue process. More than 1,500 organizations — including Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom, and Finastra — run revenue on Clari to improve win rates, prevent slipped deals, forecast with accuracy, and boost the productivity of all revenue-critical employees.


Dock is a client-facing workspace that helps revenue teams close deals, onboard customers, and manage renewals. With Dock, companies organize everything shared at each stage of the customer journey—from sales content to order forms to project plans. Along the way, leadership gets valuable analytics to calculate the sales forecast, coach front-line managers, fix broken implementations, and understand what content actually resonates. 


Navattic lets prospects get hands-on with your product earlier in the buying journey through no-code interactive demos. Unlock faster sales cycles and empower your go-to-market team to drive growth by embedding demos on your website, sharing them in the sales cycle, and sending them in email campaigns.


RB2B identifies your website visitors at the individual person level, then pushes their information in real-time directly to your team’s Slack. Tailor your strategy and personalize outreach based on visited pages and interaction with site content. Build a more focused approach to engagement, where your GTM team’s efforts are concentrated on visitors who show a higher propensity for conversion.


Scarf is a pioneer in privacy-first usage analytics for open source. With Scarf, GTM teams can identify which companies interact with their open-source projects, how they use it, and where they are in the adoption lifecycle. Uncover new prospects and accelerate your sales pipeline by turning anonymous users into known contacts.


Sendoso believes authentic relationships are achievable in a cluttered, digital world. Sendoso’s gifting platform helps marketing, sales, and CX teams stand out with new ways to engage at strategic points throughout the customer journey—ultimately driving more pipeline and revenue.


Warmly is purpose-built to help SMB-sized revenue teams identify & connect with in-market buyers. The platform brings together data from sales enablement tools, B2B intent, and enrichment tools to identify, track, and connect with website visitors who are ready to convert. By automatically aggregating data and integrating insights, Warmly orchestrates the most effective next step to drive qualified conversations for the sales team.

Get started with Signal Marketplace Partners

We’re so excited to be building the future of GTM, giving teams the tools they need to crush their goals. 

Want to learn more about building signal-based playbooks in Pocus? Request a demo from one of our GTM experts.

Interested in becoming a Signal Marketplace Partner? Apply to become a partner.

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