September 28, 2021

Introducing the Product-Led Sales Pulse Benchmark Survey

We’re setting out to take the first-ever industry-wide pulse check on sales at PLG companies.

Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus

Today, some of the most successful and high-growth SaaS businesses are product-led growth (PLG) companies. While the healthy self-serve growth of PLG companies is impressive, the real breakthrough happens when these teams pair self-serve with a robust sales motion. This is called product-led sales (PLS). 

So, what is product-led sales?

Product-led sales (PLS) is an end-user-focused sales strategy that leverages self-serve users as the primary funnel for the sales motion. Read more about PLS here

High-performing teams at the best PLG companies have been practitioners of PLS for a few years now, but education on the topic remains scarce. 

That’s why we’re partnering with First Round for the first-ever Product-Led Sales Pulse Benchmark Survey of the entire PLG community on how they structure, plan and execute a product-led sales strategy. 

In previous years, First Round has surveyed hundreds of venture-backed startups to learn about themes including their top concerns, dynamics with investors, their efforts to build more inclusive teams, and more. We’re excited to team up this year to focus on a narrower slice of the startup stack: product-led sales.

About the survey

We’re looking to collect the wisdom of founders, sales reps, go-to-market leaders, and product experts who are executing on product-led growth and sales at their respective companies. 

Together we’ll combine the expertise of practitioners in Pocus’ product-led sales community, First Round backed founders, and the PLG community to create the definitive playbook for product-led sales. 

Who we’re looking for…

If you work in sales, marketing, customer success, product, growth, or operations at a PLG company, we want to hear from you. 

Ok...but how long is this survey?

We really want to get into the details to provide meaningful results for you, but we promise the survey shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes. If you’re living and breathing the ins and outs of PLG you won’t have any issues completing the survey. 

How to participate 

This survey may take up to 15 minutes to complete but it will be worth it, if you leave us your email address we’ll share the results later this fall.  

Follow this link to participate.

P.S. We promise to anonymize all of the information shared. 

If you have any questions contact Alexa Grabell at

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