September Product Update

This past month we launched our biggest redesign with Magic Playbooks along with two new features to save our customers time: Pinned Lists and Bulk Actions.
Alexa Grabell
October 13, 2022
September Product Update

September was a busy one for the Pocus team! We launched Magic Playbooks — a powerful interface to build, test, and run your Product-Led Sales motion in Pocus.

We also launched two new features to make it easier for sales teams to go from insights to action faster than ever. With Pinned Lists and Bulk Actions, your workflows  have never been more sleek. 

📈 Help your reps hit Product-Led Sales goals efficiently

This month we introduced you to Magic Playbooks, like a sales playbook, is a way to organize and operationalize your go-to-market motion. 

Magic Playbooks in Pocus operationalize the who, what, when, and how of Product-Led Sales. Choose from a set of common PLS playbooks like expansion or free to paid conversion, or define your own custom playbook. Each Magic Playbook has a specific goal (i.e. account is paying) and a set of plays your team can run to get closer to that goal. 

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🏎 Go from insights to action faster with Bulk Actions

Ever spent hours flipping between salesforce, outreach, and your BI tools trying to reach out to your priority leads? With Magic Playbooks we made it more efficient for reps to identify, understand, and take action on their top accounts. 

But we’re taking a step further and making it even more efficient with Bulk Actions. 

With Bulk Actions, you can go from insight to action even faster.

You can now multi-select leads that show up in your inbox or in the drill-down tables to take action on all your leads at once (eg. mark done, push to outreach, update Salesforce, etc.)

No more clicking one-by-one! Simply hover over the logo on the left of the lead and click the leads you want to take action on, or hold down shift to select all.

Bulk actions is a quick time saver when you need to cherry pick a few accounts or leads that need an update or should end up in a particular outreach sequence. 

How do our customers use Bulk Actions?

Bulk actions are a great way for SDR teams to test specific plays before running a full-fledged automation. 

With Bulk Actions, Pocus customers can test their plays at scale without launching a full scale automation, allowing them to maintain a human filter and make sure the users or accounts they’re targeting are the right ones — validating their hypothesis before building it into their automated workflow.

Sales teams running account level playbooks also benefit from Bulk Actions. Within each account there may be multiple personas that require different messaging. Once Pocus surfaces an account that is ready to be actioned, teams can go in and specifically select users in each account and target them with personalized sequences. For example, if you’re running an expansion playbook, you might want to enroll 10-15 people that align with different personas from that account in a sequence and see which one performs the best.

⏭ Skip to your favorites with Pinned Lists

Our goal is always try to make sales reps lives easier by finding ways to eliminate friction in their daily workflow.

We’re excited to share one of our most requested features, pinned lists. Easily see your most important lists at the top of the side panel. 

When you log into Pocus you can now “pin” the lists that you’d like to see on your side-panel, the lists you don’t pin won’t be visible on the side panel anymore, but you can always access them via search.

How do our customers use Lists?

If the Pocus Inbox is a place for alerts and action, Lists are where customers can conduct exploration, check on user health, and filter down to create segments with visibility into specific criteria like time zone, company, role, and usage data.

Users can easily create custom lists that suit their workflows. For example, Account Management teams may want to keep track of their book of business or Account Executives might have lists for their active deals. Each organization tends to have a variety of lists, which are helpful to different teams. With Pinned lists individual users can set up easy access to the lists relevant to their daily jobs, without losing access to the rest of the lists in the account.

It’s also an easy way for non technical teams to explore data and test hypotheses,, without disrupting  the carefully curated workflows the RevOps team has built.

🔮 Want Pocus for your team?

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Want to move up the waitlist faster? Ask an existing customer to refer you! 

September Product Update
Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus
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