Enable your reps with usage data everywhere they work

We’re making it even easier for reps to access product usage insights without disrupting their workflow. We built Salesforce Embed so reps can spend less than a minute scanning their existing Salesforce views for the data insights they need.

Alexa Grabell
September 21, 2023
Enable your reps with usage data everywhere they work

A few lost minutes of productivity daily doesn’t sound like much of a problem. That is, until you extrapolate those minutes per day across every rep in your company. The result can mean hours lost per week, days lost per month, and weeks per year. 

Reps aren’t to blame. It’s the reality of the tech stack at most SaaS companies today. Every day, reps navigate dozens of apps to get their work done. 

“I would spend ⅔ of my day prospecting, switching between different reports across several tools” 

“I have to look at Salesforce, Looker, our internal admin panel, and Outreach just to get the data I need, and then I need to digest that data to inform my outreach strategy” 

This is what running a Product-Led Sales motion looks like without a single source of truth. Valuable data about prospects and customers is siloed across multiple tools. 

Reps are finding account and deal information in their CRM, product usage in spreadsheets or Looker, individual user data in admin consoles, and more. They then spend hours analyzing that data, prioritizing who they should contact, and then working across all these tools to orchestrate that workflow. 

This is why we built Pocus, one place for reps to get a 360° view of their customers and prospects. But, we know that reps also need these insights everywhere they work

Introducing: Pocus Salesforce Embed 

We’re making it even easier for reps to access product usage insights without disrupting their workflow. We built Salesforce Embed so reps can spend less than a minute scanning their existing Salesforce views for the data insights they need. 

Salesforce is not built to handle product usage data (we’ve written extensively about the limitations here). CRMs have a prescriptive data hierarchy of accounts and leads while most product-led companies need to analyze data about users, workspaces, domains, accounts and more. RevOps teams struggle to shoehorn a real representation of their business into this rigid data model. 

With our new Salesforce Embed, RevOps teams can finally get granular insights about product usage in Salesforce without building convoluted custom objects and maintaining that complexity over time. 

Salesforce Embed benefits for reps

Reps using Pocus can now see the same insights from their Pocus Inbox in Salesforce. 

  • Easy access to data with low effort: Reps save time and increase their bandwidth by spending less time digging through data.
  • Scalable process: No more context switching between tools to get the insights needed. Reps can scale their prospecting efforts by standardizing on a single source of truth.
  • Higher conversions: Product usage is the best form of intent data. Make it easier for reps to identify their best opportunities and fuel pipeline.  

What insights can reps see in Salesforce?

There are two ways to see product usage insights in Salesforce. 

Pocus feature: Salesforce Embed
Power Salesforce workflows with the Pocus Inbox

#1 Pocus Inbox View

Each rep gets the power of the Pocus Inbox embedded in their Salesforce workflow. The Pocus Inbox shows each rep their top opportunities that need action. From this view, reps can see top opportunities at a glance by looking at their product usage or customer fit scores, aggregated data about usage or other top indicators. 

Pocus feature: Salesforce Embed
Get granular insights into users, accounts, and workspaces without custom objects

#2 Account Insights View

At the account level, reps can see aggregated insights about that account’s product usage. See high-level KPIs like seat utilization or specific feature usage and dive into specific power users or champions within the account. 

Consolidate insights about customers in Salesforce so reps can make product usage data a key ingredient in their workflow. Common data we see customers surface in these views include:

  • Scores: Make any score built in Pocus available in Salesforce like Product Qualified Lead and Product Qualified Account scores. Pocus’ scoring models take the guesswork out of prioritization for reps, and make it easier for them to focus on the accounts with the highest likelihood of converting. 
  • Power users and champions: Knowing when is only half the battle, reps need to know who to engage. Reps can easily identify their best contacts based on seniority or product engagement. 
  • Specific conversion signals: Understand the why behind a score to build trust with reps. Give them the specific signals that indicate a conversion so they understand why an account is “good” or “excellent.”
  • Key product usage milestones: Give reps an understanding of an account's usage over time to have compelling ROI conversations with decision-makers. 

Why we built Salesforce Embed

Product-Led Sales is still a relatively new motion for many sales teams. Introducing a new way of selling requires consistent training and enablement. By building a Salesforce Embed, we’re helping sales leaders ramp their teams on this new way of selling without overwhelming them with new tooling. 

Rep adoption on new tools and processes can be challenging, especially when they might still be learning a new motion like Product-Led Sales. With Pocus insights embedded in Salesforce, reps can make product usage-driven decisions in a tool they already understand.

Create more pipeline, close more revenue

With Pocus Salesforce Embed, reps can seamlessly access important product usage insights within their existing Salesforce workflow, without the need for context switching between multiple tools.

See it in action by requesting a demo. 


Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO at Pocus
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