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How Linear is moving upmarket with signal-based playbooks

Learn how Linear is using signals to move upmarket, increasing their average deal size by 30%.

Meredith McManus
April 29, 2024
How Paperspace’s Product-Led Sales motion drove 65% of ARR

Learn how Paperspace uses Pocus to turn product users into predictable top-line revenue.

Benjamin Lamson
November 21, 2023
How Loom turned 18M users into 33% of new pipeline

Based on their most recent funding round, Loom is valued at north of $1 billion and continuing to grow. To reach their next growth phase, Loom has enlisted Pocus’ help! Taylor Gibson, Director of Commercial Sales, and Will Waggenspack, Director of Business and RevOps, share how Loom turns product usage data into a pipeline-generating machine for sales.

Taylor Gibson
September 22, 2023
PostHog’s strategy to accelerate self-serve revenue

In this customer story, we talked to Cameron DeLeone, PostHog’s first commercial hire, about the company’s journey from scaling self-serve to Product-Led Sales. Cameron shares how Pocus helps his team cut through the noise of their product usage data to uncover insights that accelerate the path to revenue. 

Cameron DeLeone
June 19, 2023
How Pocus helps Miro connect the dots between data and GTM

How Miro uses product usage insights about their 50M + users to accelerate revenue.

Aaron Bannin
April 18, 2023
How OpenPhone’s sales and success team use product usage data to generate pipeline

In this customer story, we talked to OpenPhone’s Head of Sales and Success, Giancarlo Gialle; Makalie Reed, Revenue Operations Manager, and Justine Delgadillo, Senior Customer Success Manager. You’ll learn how OpenPhone uses Pocus to find higher converting leads, proactively manage customers, and scale their PLS motion.

Giancarlo Gialle
April 17, 2023
Tome: Automation without losing the human touch

Use product signals to automate outreach and improve product adoption with new users.

Kian Kolahdouzan
April 17, 2023
How Clockwise harmonizes PLG and sales to convert enterprise customers

From PLG to a sales-assisted motion. Learn how Clockwise uses Pocus to operationalize PLS.

Sandy Mangat
August 16, 2022
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