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Playbooks vs. Lead Scoring

Should you use a Playbook or lead score to run your PLS motion? Let's break down the pros and cons of Playbooks and lead scores and how AI plays into both.

Alexa Grabell
November 7, 2023
How the best PLG companies move upmarket

Every PLG company wants to move upmarket, but why is this motion easier said than done?

Alexa Grabell
October 17, 2023
3 Product-Led Sales trends to watch out for in 2023 and beyond

How has Product-Led Sales evolved in 2023? We're launching our third annual PLS Benchmarks Survey to find out just how much PLS has changed. Plus, a few of our own predictions.

Alexa Grabell
September 18, 2023
From internal buy-in to PLS roll-out in 5 steps (template included!)

Frameworks and templates to help you plan for each stage of your PLS roll-out.

Alexa Grabell
June 12, 2023
The top sales playbook template to move upmarket in PLG: Warm outbound

A template to launch your warm outbound playbook. This playbook prioritizes accounts based on their overall enterprise value (ARR potential) and conversion likelihood. The warm outbound playbook also relies on a Product-Qualified Account (PQA) score that looks at the level of engagement across the account (seats used, feature usage), the ICP fit (ARR potential), and expansion signals.

Alexa Grabell
May 15, 2023
Miro's guide to scaling Product-Led Sales

Adam Carr (Head of Global Sales at Miro) discusses how his sales team uses Pocus to accelerate revenue from their self-serve pipeline.

Alexa Grabell
May 9, 2023
Customer success vs. sales-assist

Are customer success and sales-assist actually different roles in a hybrid go-to-market motion?

Allison Pickens
March 13, 2023
The top 3 playbooks for a product-led customer success strategy

From reactive to proactive, here are three major account management frameworks to scale your CS team’s revenue impact.

Alexa Grabell
March 13, 2023
How to optimize your SaaS sales process with a hybrid motion

How (and why) to improve your traditional SaaS sales process with a Product-Led Sales strategy.

Ivanha Paz
March 2, 2023
Guide: Implement a sales-assist function in 7 weeks

Everything you need to know to set up and launch a successful sales-assist team to support your PLS motion.

Alexa Grabell
February 6, 2023
5 Product-Led Sales playbook examples to scale your PLG motion

Must have playbooks to activate your PLS motion in 2023

Sandy Mangat
January 10, 2023
4 Things we learned from the 2021 Product-Led Sales Benchmark Report

In 2021 we set the foundation for understanding how revenue engines are built in a product-led world. In 2022 we're curious to see how things have evolved.

Sandy Mangat
October 18, 2022
Is Outbound worth it for Product-Led Growth (PLG) companies?

Outbound is becoming part of the normal progression of growth at product-led companies. However — and this is key — it will often show up further down the funnel.

Alexa Grabell
October 3, 2022
Playbook: Find product champions to drive expansion

This is a series where we break down popular Product-Led Sales playbooks that teams use to prioritize opportunities and convert them into revenue.

Sandy Mangat
September 12, 2022
Product-Led Sales tools: Build or buy?

In this blog, we’ll break down how to evaluate a build vs. buy decision, specifically for Product-Led Sales tools -although it's a framework that applies to most categories.

Sandy Mangat
August 3, 2022
8 Sales Outreach Best Practices Your Team Needs to Try ASAP

We spoke to GTM experts from the Product-Led Sales community to summarize 8 proven outreach best practices you can incorporate into your sales outreach strategy.

Sandy Mangat
August 1, 2022
What is Product-Led Sales?

What is PLS really? Breaking down the buzzword.

Alexa Grabell
July 5, 2022
How Airtable keeps product and sales in sync

Q&A with Daniel Levine and Sam Werboff: Powering PLG by aligning product and sales

Alexa Grabell
June 30, 2022
What is Product-Led Sales?

What is PLS really? Breaking down the buzzword.

Alexa Grabell
June 7, 2022
How to layer sales on top of self-serve user onboarding with Wes Bush

Q&A with Wes Bush, bestselling author and Founder of the ProductLed community

Sandy Mangat
May 31, 2022
Product-Led Growth (PLG): The Business Strategy Everyone Should Be Paying Attention to

Learn about the meteoric rise of product-led growth.

Sandy Mangat
May 11, 2022
Real GTM Advice: From Sales-Led to Product-Led Sales

Catch up on 'Real GTM Advice' featuring GTM experts from Guru, Vidyard, and DevRev

Sandy Mangat
May 10, 2022
Embracing Sales at a PLG Company

Transitioning smoothly from pure PLG to a hybrid approach

Chris De Vylder
May 3, 2022
Making the Switch from Sales-Led to Product-Led Sales

Culture, process, and hiring - everything you need to know to make the transition from sales-led to product-led.

Rob Falcone
April 21, 2022
3 Types of Product-Led Sales Workflows

How to turn data-driven insights into action

Alexa Grabell
March 8, 2022
Launching the Product-Led Sales Playbook

Expert advice on foundational frameworks and PLS best practices.

Alexa Grabell
February 15, 2022
5 Product-Led Sales (PLS) Definitions

Building a shared language for PLS alignment

Alexa Grabell
February 1, 2022
5 Steps to Layer Sales On Top of your PLG Motion

Product-Led Sales strategy from zero to one

Alexa Grabell
December 16, 2021
What is the sales-assist role?

Defining this emerging Product-Led Sales role

Alexa Grabell
November 9, 2021
When To Add A Sales Team To Your PLG Company

Sales teams can supercharge your self-serve machine, but you must be thoughtful about timing

Alexa Grabell
September 22, 2021
Sales Compensation: How to Choose the Best Plan for Your Product-Led Team

In the era of product-led growth, sales compensation is a confusing and hot topic. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sara Archer
August 31, 2021
Onboarding: A Crucial Piece of the PLG Puzzle

Why a Good Onboarding Process Matters…Especially for PLG Companies

Esben Friis-Jensen
August 30, 2021
The Account Executive 2.0: Account Executives at a PLG company

Hot take: in a product-led company, the Account Executive is responsible for both user acquisition AND customer adoption/expansion.

Garrett Scott
August 16, 2021
Sales Development 2.0: Sales Development at a PLG company

The SDR has transitioned from 24/7 cold-calling to data-driven outreach

Garrett Scott
August 10, 2021
5 Characteristics to Look For When Hiring the Sales-Assist Role

What to look out for when hiring your sales-assist (aka product specialist) team

Rob Falcone
August 4, 2021
What Does A Product-Led Sales Team Look Like?

We sat down with product-led sales experts to better understand how they structure their teams

Alexa Grabell
July 30, 2021
The Myth Of "No Sales" at Product-Led Growth Companies

And why some of the biggest product-led growth (PLG) companies actually have huge sales teams

Alexa Grabell
July 26, 2021
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